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Email Server Configuration

Hexnode MDM Email server configuration allows admin to configure an outgoing email server for sending email notifications to the end user.

For configuring Hexnode MDM Email server

  1. Go to Admin tab > Email.
  2. Enter the following mandatory fields.
  3. Field Description
    Server Name The host name of the outgoing mail server, such as smtp.example.com.
    Port Port number used by the outgoing mail server.
    Sender Email The email address from which mails are to be send.
    Enable TLS Check this field if the outgoing mail server support TLS.
    Enable SSL Check this field if the mail server support SSL.
    Enable Authentication Check this field if authentication is required by the email server.

    If Authentication is enabled,

    User name – Enter the full email address.

    Password – Set a password. This password can be changed later.

  4. Save the settings.


  • Hexnode MDM has an email server configured by default for cloud instances.

Test mail

Click on test mail to test whether the configuration is successful.

  1. Enter the email address to which the test mail is to be send against To Email field.
  2. Enter the subject against Subject field. However, a subject is already written by default.
  3. Enter a message to be displayed against Message field. There is a default message already set in the portal.

Email server configuration

Reset Email Configurations

Reset option can be used to reset the configurations.

Sending Enrollment Mails

Once all the configurations are done enrollment mails can be send using the configured email server.

Email server configuration


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