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Email Server Configuration

Hexnode’s Email server configuration allows admin to configure an outgoing email server for sending email notifications to the end users.


Hexnode MDM has an email server configured by default for cloud instances.

Configure Hexnode Email server

  1. Go to Admin > Email.
  2. Enter the following fields and security authentication as per requirement.
  3. Field Description
    Server Name The hostname of the outgoing mail server, such as
    Port Port number used by the outgoing mail server.
    Sender Email The email address from which mails are to be sent.
    Enable TLS Check this field if the outgoing mail server supports TLS.
    Enable SSL Check this field if the mail server supports SSL.
    Enable Authentication Check this field if the email server requires authentication.

    If Authentication is enabled,

    User Name – Provide the full email address as the user name.

    Password – Enter the password of the email account to be configured.

  4. After providing the necessary details, save the settings.


Test mail

Click on Test mail so that Admin can send a test email to the account to check whether the configuration is successfully completed or not.

To Email The email address to which test mail is to be sent.
Subject A subject is already provided by default. It can be altered if required.
Message A message is already provided by default. It can be altered if required.

Click on Send to send the test email.

Email server configuration

Reset Email Configurations

Reset option can be used to reset the email configured by the admin.

Send Enrollment Mails

Once all the configurations are completed, enrollment mails can be sent using the configured email server.

Email server configuration

Configure Hexnode Gmail server

Given below are the configurations required to set up a Gmail server with Hexnode:

Server name The hostname of the outgoing email server such as
Sender Email The email address from which mails are to be sent,
Enable TLS Use port 587
Enable SSL Use port 465

Enable Authentication and enter the log-in details of the sender email, which is the User Name and Password.


Gmail users have to go through a two-step verification process.

Email server configuration


  • If encountered with the error “Mail sending failed. Please check your port number, authentication,” despite entering the correct credentials, try signing with an app password if you use two-step verification on your account. If you don’t use two-step verification, then head down to enable access through less secure apps. Hexnode doesn’t recommend enabling access to apps that do not meet modern security standards. Such apps will increase the risk of accounts being compromised.
  • If there is still a problem, try clearing CAPTCHA by clicking here to allow SMTP authentication. Log-in with your Google account if prompted.
  • If you have not previously configured Email settings from the Admin tab, you can also configure them while sending an enrollment request from Enroll > All Enrollments > Email. Complete the on-screen procedure same as that of configuring Email settings from the Admin tab.
  • Configure Email server from Enroll tab