MDM for Retail

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Best MDM for Retail

Best MDM for Retail

Managing multiple mobile devices in the retail industry can have a transformative effect on the way that you do business, boosting customer engagement and aiding employee effectiveness by incorporating mobile into your shop floor strategy. Hexnode's MDM for retail platform helps businesses control devices in their stores, whether iOS and Android, leading to new ways of working, increasing sales and conversions.

Using mobile devices and apps creates greater opportunities for retailers. With Hexnode's MDM for retail, all devices can be configured quickly, monitored centrally and be preloaded with the content that will help to improve sales - all while ensuring that customer data is secure.

  • Customer checkout anywhere in-store
  • Self-service checkouts
  • Training on the shop floor or anywhere
  • Store management connected to the shop floor at all times
  • Multi-device environments for staff
  • Digital signage control
  • Wireless print management
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity

    Enhanced Employee Productivity

    By implementing mobile device such as iPads and Android tablets on the shop floor, retailers can boost employee productivity.

  • Makes employees mobile - can sell anywhere on the sales floor.
  • Address customer queries faster.
  • Customer can see all options.
  • Delivers a full customer experience.
  • Hexnode MDM gives you the option to set up zero touch configuration.

    Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Retailers need to be thinking creatively about their mobile branding and deployment. With Hexnode's MDM solution, you can send content to devices to be shown to customers as soon as they get to your store. This includes:

  • Interactive content
  • Product demo
  • Loop in ads
  • Contests
  • Rewards
  • Kiosk mode locks the devices to one app, ensuring that it is being used for its intended purpose. This allows you to keep tight control over the device, whether being used as a marketing tool or as a till.

    Streamlined Device Provisioning

    Streamlined Device Provisioning

    With simplified bulk device deployments to store assistants, administrators can configure devices before they are deployed to the sales floor with essential apps and settings. This allows for out of the box use for employees, whilst still ensuring the security of all devices on the shop floor.
    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    With Hexnode's MDM, each customer can build their own personal profile. This creates a catalogue of personalized stock. You can give them loyalty discounts, or they can reserve items or pre-order upcoming stock.

    The platform can handle personal data and credit card info ensuring PCI compliance. With Hexnode MDM, stores can monitor and track all devices, with the ability to lock and wipe a device remotely in the event of a loss or theft, keeping all data 100% secure.

    Improve your sales to a new level

    Devices can be used on the shop floor solely for self-service using Kiosk mode. With the move to mobile enhanced by Hexnode MDM, there's no need for the traditional till. This means no queuing.

    One employee using a portable terminal can help a customer from the minute that they walk through the doors until they leave with their sales in their bags. Apps for mobile payments can installed centrally by the administrator on all devices allowing payment to be taken using contactless or NFC technology.

    With Hexnode MDM, all you have to do is to wirelessly turn on kiosk mode. This ensures device security, PCI compliance and happy customers.

    Up-sell and cross-sell

    Up-sell and cross-sell

    Whether you are using iPads or Android tablets, Hexnode's MDM in retail solution allows you to deliver rich content to your connected device. This can have a huge impact on customer decisions, helping employees to up-sell and cross-sell effectively.

    With Hexnode MDM, you can deploy anything from apps to webclips to encourage customers to make the final purchase decision.

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