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Is it possible to wipe only the corporate / work data on the device?

Yes, you can perform selective wipe on your device using Hexnode MDM. Selective/corporate/enterprise wipe can be used to remove corporate data leaving the private apps and documents on the device untouched. Whereas a complete device wipe action will reset your device to its factory settings, removing all the data from it even user’s personal data.

To selectively wipe the corporate data, settings, and apps on your device, you can either disenroll the device from Hexnode MDM or delete all the associated policies. Deleting the policies removes all the associated corporate configurations without removing the device management.

Enable the option Remove apps from the device on policy removal (Policies > iOS/Android > Mandatory Apps) to automatically uninstall Android and iOS apps from the device while disassociating the policy. Enable the option Remove on disenroll (Apps > +Add Apps > Enterprise App > iOS) while adding an iOS enterprise app to the Hexnode app repository, to remove the apps on device disenrollment.

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