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How to assign administrator privileges to different technicians on Hexnode?

The available technicians in Hexnode are Super Admin, Admin, Reports Manager, and Apps and Reports Manager. Only the super admin and admin are capable of assigning administrator privileges to different technicians.

The super admin is the technician who signs up for the MDM portal. He/She has the supreme authority to add, edit, delete, or deactivate other technicians. The super admin cannot be disabled or deleted.

An admin can be created by either the super admin or other admins in the portal. The admin exercises the same privilege as that of the super admin, except that the former cannot delete or disable the super admin.

In order to add a new user with admin privileges, the super admin/admin must create a new technician in Hexnode. Make sure to assign the role of the technician as Admin. Note that the number of technicians that can be added depends on the subscribed pricing plan.

The super admin/admin also has the authority to promote other technicians (Reports Manager or Apps and Reports Manager) in the portal to have admin privileges. In that case, edit the specific technician and change the role to Admin.

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