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How to assign administrator privileges to different technicians on Hexnode?

Device administrators operating on the Hexnode console are referred to as technicians, who take the role of a Super Admin, Admin, Reports Manager, Apps and Reports Manager or any custom role.

Among them, it is the Super Admin and the Admin, who are capable of assigning administrator privileges to different technicians in the UEM portal. They can change a technician’s role to Admin by editing the corresponding technician details.

But when it comes to adding a new user with administrator privileges, the super admin/admin must create a new technician in Hexnode and assign the role of the technician as Admin. Note that the number of technicians that can be added to the portal depends on the subscribed pricing plan.

1. What are the privileges of an Admin that differentiates it from other technicians?

Admins have full privileges to all the features in the portal unlike other technicians who have only limited permissions and scope. For example, the Reports Manager can only access the dashboard, the Reports tab and the associated features while the Apps and Reports Manager has access to the dashboard, the Apps tab, the Reports tab and the associated features.

The privileges of an admin include:

  • creating a technician
  • modifying technician account information and settings (except Super Admin)
  • resending the technician account activation link
  • resetting password
  • deleting/deactivating the technician (except Super Admin)
  • renew/cancel the Hexnode subscription

Though, the admin can edit their own information, they are not allowed to change their role/scope or delete themselves.

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