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Getting Started with tvOS Device Management

Apple’s tvOS is an operating system developed for fourth generation and later Apple TV digital media player. Hexnode MDM supports a wide range of features including setting up Apple TV for conference room display mode, allowing to stream Apple TV via AirPlay and much more. Get to know more on how to get started with tvOS right here.

Enroll tvOS Devices

Before you start enrolling your device, make sure that the APNs (Apple Push Notification service) certificate is configured. Get to know more about configuring the APNs certificate from the following link.

Configuring APNs…

Once the APNs certificates are created, you can now start enrolling the devices with Hexnode MDM. You can enroll tvOS devices either via Apple Configurator or Apple Business Manager (ABM). Familiarize about enrolling tvOS devices from the following link.

tvOS device enrollment…

Manage Apps

You can manage, distribute and remove apps efficiently across a large number of devices. The Apps gets installed silently without any user intervention. Learn more about installing enterprise apps silently.

App Installation…

Kiosk mode can be activated on tvOS devices, restricting the device onto a single application.Learn more on kiosk mode and its settings.

Setting up kiosk mode…

AirPlay Security

You could prevent the unauthorized streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay. This can be done either by setting up an airplay password or by restricting devices from different network to connect to the Apple TV. Follow the link to know more about streaming via AirPlay.

Streaming via AirPlay…


Ensure a safe network connectivity for your devices by configuring Wi-Fi settings, thus preventing unauthorized access to your devices. Get to know more on configuring Wi-Fi Settings from the following link.

Wi-Fi Settings…

Conference Room Display

Apple TV can be used as a Conference Room Display which screens the AirPlay supported device. The User won’t be able to access any function on the Apple TV. The conference room display mode allows the admin to display custom messages on the monitor. Familiarize about the conference room display mode from the following link.

Conference Room Display Mode…

Global HTTP Proxy

In-order to protect your devices from external security attacks, you need to setup a proxy globally. Global HTTP Proxy ensures that all the network traffic between the supervised Apple TV and the internet flows through the proxy server. Get to know more about setting up the proxy globally by following the link below.

Setting up Global HTTP Proxy…


Certificates that contains the digital data can be used for various purposes within the devices. Once you add the certificate, it can be used in any policy within the device. Know more about adding certificate on Apple TV by following the link below.

Adding Certificates…

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