MDM location tracking

The past and present of your device with MDM location tracking


MDM Location Tracking

Today’s technology goes with the saying; their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. The best example is the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Their mobility also creates vulnerability.Although the term tracking has reprehensible tone, it does have legitimate, valid reasons for an enterprise to keep tabs on the location of their smart devices.


Why is MDM Location Tracking important ?

All of today’s Devices possess accurate location awareness. There are easily available apps like Find My Device, to link all the mobile devices. So why is a special feature needed? These apps somehow need their master’s credentials to be present. For example, Find My Device requires that the smart gadget has to be logged into iCloud. In other words, the user must have signed up with the iCloud account. Also, such apps have to be regularly updated. Sometimes, during the updating process, if it loses its data connectivity or battery power, the current location of the device will be lost. And in such cases retrieving the last connected GPS spot would be of no use, as the employee would have moved to a new place.

Track the stolen devices

The service helps you to track the location of a piece and every device all the way through GPS or Wi-Fi connection and tenuously wipe off the data from the devices when they are lost or stolen. It not only helps to track the device, but also to prosecute the thief.
mdm location tracking

Convict Corporate Espionage

Location Tracking can help in revealing suspicious activities like corporate spying. Suppose an employee’s device is often tracked to a competitor’s work place, he can be monitored inadvertently and can be caught red handed.

Manage workforces efficiently

Researches prove that workers toil more powerfully when they know that their work is being monitored.

In real time, Hexnode MDM leverage you to take charge of the staff activities. It also facilitates to bestow with road guidelines to employees, examine the routes they are taking and also to know the prominence of the devices. And so employees work with the conscience that they are being watched and so they automatically tend to work towards perfection. Hence, with Hexnode MDM Location tracking, end profit increases.

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Improves Customer Service

Tracking the location of the employees also helps in improving customer services. For instance, if your customer is inquiring about the arrival of your employee, you can certainly avoid vague answers. Also, if your customer is need of an urgent attention, you can easily find out the nearest available employee and can direct them accordingly.


When the device is lost, Hexnode MDM location tracking helps you delete most significant data on the phone easily. It may contain highly crucial data like emails, stored passwords, login credentials, bank details, etc. So when a device is lost, Hexnode MDM Location tracking helps you maintain a secured perimeter. Eventually, it can help you make the lost device unfit for use. This highly helps in protecting top company clandestine in a secured way.With Hexnode MDM Location tracking, you can locate employees, trail their directions, and monitor the status of each mobile device.

Simple , Secure Mobile Device Management!