SMS integration

By enabling SMS integration, you can receive enrollment requests as text messages on your
phone. To start getting enrollment requests on phone, go to Admin > SMS Settings. Select an SMS
vendor from the list, for which you’ve signed up for, and fill in the credentials you obtained from
the SMS vendor. Alternatively, provide SMPP settings like SMSC ID, SMPP Host, SMPP Port and
password. Click on Save button.


After saving the SMS settings, proceed to Admin tab > MDM Settings and check SMS under
Enrollment Settings.


Now you can start enrolling devices. Go to Enrollment > New Enrollment.

1. Enter information like domain and the user to which the enrollment is to be sent.

2. If the user doesn’t exist, create a new user first from Management > Users > New User. While
creating a user, provide his/her phone number and Email address.

3. Enter ownership information

  • Allow user to choose – if the user needs to provide this information at the time of
    installation on the device.
  • Corporate – if the device being used is a corporate device.
  • Personal – If the user is bringing his own personal device.

4. Click on the send button to send an invite to the user. This sends an invite message to the user’s
phone and Email inbox.


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