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What is a Jailbroken device?

Apple imposes certain restrictions on all its devices, mainly to protect its system files. Devices on which users surpass these restrictions to gain granular control of the OS are called jailbroken devices. Jailbreaking enables users to easily download apps, themes and extensions that are not supported by Apple, thus making the device more susceptible to malware attacks. Some actions performed by apps that help in jailbreaking are permanent and might damage the device. Hence, jailbreaking is not a recommended action. Visit our blog on jailbreaking to know more.

Are Jailbroken devices a threat to the enterprise?

Corporate devices have confidential data in them. Jailbreaking a device, will allow the user to run codes that are not approved by Apple. These codes might steal or corrupt the stored data.

How can Hexnode help against Jailbreaking?

Administrators can configure Hexnode to tag jailbroken devices as non-compliant. The admin can opt to get notified when a device becomes non-compliant. This will help the admin take timely action to rectify the situation.

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