Fire OS

What is Fire OS?

Fire OS is Amazon’s operating system build on Google’s Android. It is similar to Android OS, except for the support of any Google product or services. Fire OS runs on Amazon Fire tablets and phones.

App Compatibility with Fire OS!

Fire OS is a forked version of Android; hence the apps running on Android devices should run on Fire devices too. Check your app’s compatibility with Fire OS through the App Testing Service.

How does Fire OS differ from Android?

The primary difference between them is the non-support for any Google product and services. Fire OS uses Amazon’s services instead of Google’s services. Notably, Amazon App Store replacing Google Play Store.

The table contrasts the primary services from Google with that of Amazon.

Google Android OS Amazon Fire OS
Google Play Store Amazon App Store
Google Maps Amazon Maps API
with Google Login with Amazon
Cast SDK Fling SDK
Google Play Developer API Developer Publishing API
Fire-base cloud messaging Amazon Device Messaging

Feature support by Hexnode MDM

Fire OS supports most of the features supported by Android except a very few.

  • Hexnode for Work app is not supported.
  • The location mode should be set to High Accuracy to fetch the exact location.
  • Fire OS doesn’t support Enrollment using G Suite.
  • Fire OS doesn’t support Zero Touch Enrollment.
  • Setting Wallpaper is device specific.
  • Hexnode Browser is device specific.
  • Kiosk Screensaver for Fire OS, allows only images to be set as a screensaver.
  • Digital Signage for Fire OS, supports only streaming of images.
  • The restrictions Users can turn mobile data on/off, Users can choose preferred network type under Policies > Kiosk Settings >Android Kiosk Mode > Peripheral Settings > Network; are device specific.

Following features work same as that of Android.


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