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What are the benefits of enrolling Apple devices using Apple Business Manager (ABM) over other enrollment methods?

Apple Business Manager (ABM) lets you simplify the bulk enrollment of Apple devices. ABM is an upgraded web portal combined with Apple’s DEP and VPP capabilities. With Hexnode’s integration with ABM, you can easily configure device settings, and purchase and distribute any content in bulk.

Benefits of Apple Business Manager(ABM) Enrollment

The benefits of Apple Business Manager (ABM) enrollment over other methods include:

  1. No-touch Enrollment: ABM provides organizations to implement a zero-touch device setup workflow for deploying iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. The devices enrolled this way will be ready for use with all the pre-defined configurations, restrictions, and apps without any need for manual configuration. A default DEP enrollment server for different Apple device types can also be configured in ABM. Here, any newly added devices in ABM will be automatically assigned to the default MDM servers.
  2. Supervision: ABM, along with Hexnode MDM, lets you supervise your Apple devices over-the-air. Supervision unlocks enhanced restrictions, configurations, and actions on your devices.
  3. Volume Purchase Program (VPP): ABM enrollment allows enterprises to purchase and distribute apps and books in volume using Apple’s VPP program. Apple VPP is now referred to as Apps and Books in the ABM web console. Hexnode enables you to distribute these apps without any user intervention.
  4. Security and Privacy: The security of corporate data is guaranteed with ABM enrollment. The employer can make sure that company data remains secure with pre-defined configurations and settings. Administrators can now remotely monitor and manage devices by configuring several security policies such as app usage, encryption, and so on. Hexnode also supports remote locking or wiping devices if they are suspected to be lost or stolen.
  5. Simplified Steps: In conjunction with Hexnode MDM, you can customize the device’s initial setup screens to skip the non-essential steps during Setup Assistant.
  6. Make MDM Profile non-removable: Hexnode allows you to prevent the removal of the MDM profile while enrolling devices via Apple Business Manager.
  7. Managed Apple ID: Managed Apple IDs are similar to Apple IDs except that they are owned and managed by an enterprise. With ABM, an organization can create and manage these accounts at scale for users that require administrative access to ABM. It eliminates the need for personal accounts for work and creates IDs en masse.
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