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How Hexnode ensures corporate data protection on mobile devices?

The usage of mobile devices within organizations has rebuilt the modern-day workspace into a completely mobile-based workplace. More businesses empower their employees with company-approved mobile devices. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the workers but also the chances of data intrusions. Hexnode, as a UEM solution, extends numerous security management capabilities to organizations so that the managed devices function effectively per the enterprise criteria.

  • Password protection: Enforcing password policies on corporate-owned devices permits only authorized users to access the devices.
  • Device Restrictions: Restrictions imposed on system functionalities or apps installed on the device ensure that the resources and corporate data are accessed vitally.
  • Compliance Criteria: Hexnode observes the devices periodically. Any failure to meet the compliance criteria notifies the administrator and the users.
  • Location tracking: Real-time location tracking feature offers continuous device monitoring. The organization can fetch the complete history of locations traversed by the devices that may be used to find lost or misplaced devices.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing policy confirms that the device is within a particular geographical area. It helps restrain the availability of corporate resources in vulnerable areas.
  • Manage OS updates: Organizations can enforce/schedule OS updates on the devices so that they are updated to the latest OS versions to avoid security vulnerabilities.
  • Remote Device Scan: Periodic device scanning ensures that the device meets the enterprise regulatory requirements.
  • Network Security: Devices can be configured to access the corporate network by configuring Wi-Fi and VPN. Security breaches can be avoided by allowing access only to the organizational network.
  • Certificates: Security certificates authenticate a user while enabling access to corporate services. Certificates installed on the device protect corporate data by providing access only to authorized users.
  • Business Containers: Business Container creates a discrete partition between corporate and personal data. It regulates the flow of corporate content and assures personal data privacy.
  • Lock device: This security mechanism locks the misplaced device, and only the authenticated users knowing the device password, will be able to access the device.
  • Wipe Device: Data security cannot be compromised at any cost. You can initiate the ‘Wipe Device’ action to completely wipe data on a lost or stolen device.

Hexnode is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant end-point management solution. Compliance with GDPR enforces data privacy on the devices and data security.

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