Location History and Reports

Location History

Based on the location information sent from the devices periodically, we generate a location
history which shows the path the device has traversed. This location scanning frequency is a
configurable setting and can be set while creating a policy.


To view the device location history:

1. Click on Management tab.
2. Click on devices.
3. Click the device for which you want to view the details.
4. Click on ‘Location History’.
This page has multiple sub tabs after a ribbon showing summary of the device.
This marks the most recent location of the device on the map.
On the right side of the map, it lists the device’s locations over a period of time. When you a click on a particular location on the right, it is marked on the map.
We also provide you an option to filter location information based on date.

Click on filter button on the top right corner. It displays from and to date options to choose. Based on the dates you choose, only device locations between those dates are listed.


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