The solution for advanced Device Management from LG


LG's Guarded Access To Enterprise (GATE) solution makes enterprise mobility secure than ever

Securing work like never before

The ironclad security that comes with LG GATE makes work more efficient and secure at the same time.

MDM and much more

The advanced features offered by GATE provides more device management options for the MDM.

Dedicated enterprise solution

The LG GATE solution includes every feature that an enterprise requires for the smooth device management.

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What is LG GATE

LG's GATE (Guarded Access to Enterprise) is the enterprise mobile solution which helps the enterprise to manage LG devices more efficient than ever. The specific functionalities provided by GATE solution integrated with an MDM will make a strong management suite for enterprise devices. GATE secures the enterprise devices and data with its powerful management features which are not available in generic device management solutions. This vendor specific solution which explores the device manageability unlike normal devices, is only available to specific LG devices which supports GATE.

What LG GATE does

LG GATE solution provides control over platform, application, network and MDM features. When an MDM integrates with LG GATE, it gets the access to manage all these advanced features. Some of the notable features in LG GATE are

  • Secure device encryption
  • Enhanced Exchange ActiveSync
  • Secure VPN
  • APIs for MDM integration
  • Advanced application management
  • Remote network manageability
  • Enhanced administrative power for MDMs


The extent of management functions over generic Android devices is somewhat limiting when coming to bigger enterprises with serious security requirements. Vendors like LG introduced the GATE solution for enterprises to rectify this inconvenience. Thus, the specific LG devices which support GATE became an obvious choice for enterprises. LG GATE APIs are made available to the MDM vendors, so that they can integrate with GATE to incorporate all the advanced management functions in the MDM.

Hexnode and LG GATE

Hexnode MDM is a go-to MDM solution for Android Device Management. Integrating with the GATE APIs, Hexnode now incorporates advanced application management, network management, location management etc. With the increased vulnerability of data and devices in the current era, big enterprises opt solutions just like GATE. Even though the solution is device specific, in the face of serious security threats, enterprises will not hesitate adapting to this method of device management.