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Common Issues while enrolling Windows devices in Hexnode UEM

1. Unable to enroll the device using the Hexnode Installer application. The installation gets stuck in the “Setup” screen with the error message – “Could not download Hexnode Agent for Windows.

Failed to download Hexnode Agent for Windows.


  • The device might have lost internet connectivity. The enrollment fails since a stable connection could not be established with the Hexnode server.


    You can connect your device to another network and try re-enrolling your device again using the Hexnode Installer application.

2. When the user tries to download the Hexnode Installer application using the “/enroll” method, he is unable to download the app and the following error message is displayed:

According to your corporate policy, only the following device types can be enrolled and can access the corporate resources: iPad, iPhone, iPod, macOS, tvOS and Android. Contact your company’s IT administrator for more information.

Warning message to alert the user that the device type is restricted.


  • In the Hexnode portal, Windows has not been selected in the list of allowed device models. Hence, only those selected device models will be allowed to get enrolled into the Hexnode portal.


    Login to your Hexnode portal and navigate to Admin > Enrollment > Enrollment Restrictions and check the Windows option in the list of Device Models allowed.

List of device models allowed

3. When the user tries to enroll his device, the enrollment fails and he gets an error message, “Your device is already being managed by an organization”.

Error message to alert user that the device is already enrolled


  • Your device is already enrolled and managed by another MDM solution. Since a device cannot be enrolled into more than one MDM, the enrollment fails.


    You can disenroll your device from the previous MDM and try re-enrolling your device again. Once disenrolled, you will be able to successfully enroll your device to Hexnode or any other MDM solution.

4. Enrollment disrupted with “You’ll need a new app to open this ms-device-enrollment link” message.


  • While trying to enroll using the Hexnode Installer app, the enrollment process is stuck at the Setup step and shows the error message – “You’ll need a new app to open this ms-device enrollment link”. This error could be occurring because of corrupt or missing files and conflicting settings related to MDM enrollment.


    • Try the native enrollment method:
      1. On the device, open Settings > Accounts > Access work or school.
      2. Select Enroll only in device manager.
      3. Enter your enrollment server and username to get started.
      4. Once you’ve successfully enrolled, rerun the Hexnode Installer app to install the Hexnode Agent.
    • Initiate enrollment with the browser.
      1. Open a new Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome tab, type “ms-device-enrollment:?mode=mdm” on the address bar and hit Enter.
      2. The Set up a work or school account window should appear from where you can continue with the native enrollment method.
    • If the error persists, try updating the OS from Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates. That should resolve any known issue with the OS, and you can continue enrolling your device on a stable platform.
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