Mobile device groups for easier management


Intelligent, dynamic grouping

 Dynamic grouping, when used right can make mobile device management incredibly easy. What you do is you define smart groups based on specific selection criteria. Choose from a vast set of criteria for every group. Each new device that meets these criteria are automatically added to the specific group. Set policies for each of these smart groups and you're done. From auto grouping, to auto policy assigning, and auto compliance – Hexnode MDM practically takes care of mobile device management on its own.
dynamic group

Smart user or device groups

Organize your users and devices into logical groups for easy management. Besides, the readily available AD groups, you can create custom groups based on virtually anything. When you create groups, you can perform operations in bulk and no longer have to manage devices individually.  
mobile device groups

Simplified management and configuration

Setting up configurations for multiple devices become quite simple through grouping. Just create a group with the required users/devices, configure settings for the group, and then those settings will be consistently applied across all of the devices. Bulk actions to lock device, clear passcode or even disenroll device can be performed on a group. You can also install the desired apps on a bunch of devices by adding them to a group.
policy management
Simple , Secure Mobile Device Management!