A single UEM policy for all your devices

Automate management Automate management

Automate management

The administrator can set conditions to automate management of devices with dynamic grouping. All devices that satisfy the pre-defined conditions will be automatically added to the group. The admin has granular control over defining the grouping conditions and can also filter based on device location.

Smart policy management Smart policy management

Smart policy management

With Hexnode, the administrator has the freedom to either follow a device-centric approach or a user-centric approach. Policies can be associated to a group of devices or to a group of users, in-effect applying the policy on all devices assigned to that user.

Application grouping Application grouping

Application grouping

IT can now group and deploy enterprise, store and web-based applications to a large number of devices with a single click. Along with one-touch deployment and silent installation of applications, Hexnode helps manage, secure and configure those applications.

Directory integrations Directory integrations

Directory integrations

Hexnode supports integrations with popular directory services like Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID and Google Workspace. Seamless integrations with these directory services not only simplify the onboarding of users to Hexnode but also helps maintain an updated catalog of all users, groups, and OUs, on a single portal.

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