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MDM for Hospitality

Unchaining the host from the reception desk

The all-in-one MDM solution for hospitality technology The all-in-one MDM solution for hospitality technology

The all-in-one MDM solution for hospitality technology

From check-in through the entire guest-life cycle, mobile devices play a significant part in ensuring smooth customer service. Hotels deploy thousands of devices for customer management rather than keeping the receptionist chained to the desk with an old desktop. Hexnode UEM helps hotels to manage and secure all the deployed mobile devices from a central web console.

Mobile device management for hospitality

Multi-app kiosk mode for in-room devices

The tablets installed in the rooms can be locked in multi-app kiosk mode to display a few necessary apps for room services, orders and bookings. The devices can be taken out of kiosk mode anytime from the MDM portal.

Mobile kiosk for POS

Customer check-ins and check-outs can be taken care of from mobile POS devices. Any conventional tablets can be converted to POS stations with the help of kiosk mode. The devices can be locked down to a single app or multiple apps.

EMM for hospitality

App distribution across the device fleet

The IT team can deploy apps to devices across the Hotel chain all over the world. Apple Business Manager, Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite etc., are programs which enhance Hexnode UEM to deploy advanced device-specific configuration to devices.

Cross-platform compatibility

Devices which belongs to Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS and Windows can be managed from the Hexnode UEM web console. Moreover, a single policy can be used to configure settings for all these device platforms equally.

Mobility management in hospitality

Securing device inventory

The mobile devices deployed to hotels across the globe can be enforced with security configurations like password, VPN and device restrictions. Devices can be tracked, wiped and locked from the central MDM console.

Remote technical assistance

Real-time assistance can be provided to the hotel employees with the help of the remote control feature, which enables the technician to control the device from the MDM console. As a result, the technical issues can be handled even without a physical presence.

Endpoint management in hospitality

Real-time content updation

The information displayed in the tablets and TVs can be changed over-the-air from the MDM console itself. The devices need not be unplugged or shut down for this process. The kiosk mode provides options to keep the device on at all times along with many other features.

Device groups for hotels

Devices can be grouped according to hotels or different areas in the hotel such as the lobby, restaurant, rooms etc. Device management becomes more manageable with groups. Menus can be changed to devices in the restaurant section and lobby can display news on the TV.