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How to create device carts for shared iPads?

Educational institutes deploying mobile devices to their students is now commonplace. However, it is not necessary that they deploy one-to-one devices. They may sometimes choose to go with shared devices such as shared iPads for education. This means that a group of shared iPads will be deployed among a certain group of students. Each student can use any of these iPads for their educational purposes. The user data such as their apps and other data can be accessed from any device irrespective of the one in which you stored it. Nevertheless, a users’ apps or data cannot be accessed by any other users.

To facilitate device sharing among the students, you can create a group for shared devices and assign it to users or user groups. The group of shared devices is termed as Cart.

Create device cart

To group shared devices,

  1. On your Hexnode console, navigate to Manage > Devices Groups.
  2. Click on Add New Cart.
  3. Provide a name for the cart and a description.
  4. Either upload a CSV file with the device details or click on + Add shared devices.
  5. Select the required devices and click Done.
  6. Click Save cart.

Assign Cart

To assign user groups to device cart,

  1. On your Hexnode UEM console, navigate to Manage > Device Groups.
  2. Select the group of shared devices to which users are to be assigned.
  3. Go to Actions and select Assign Carts.
  4. Select the user groups/classes.
  5. Click on Assign.

Now all the member users in the group can access any shared devices in the device cart.

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