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Getting Started with Mac App Management

Mobile App Management provides granular control at the application level thus enabling the administrators to manage and secure app data. It helps to protect devices and manage data. It enables to apply and enforce corporate policies on mobile apps and to limit the sharing of corporate data among apps.

Enrollment of Devices

You need to enroll your devices in Hexnode UEM before managing the apps on your devices. Follow the link below to learn more on enrolling devices.

Enrolling your device…

Installing Apps

After enrolling the devices, add the required apps to the app inventory. You can add VPP and Enterprise apps. You can also build app groups. After adding the apps to the inventory, push them onto the devices. Get to know more on installing apps by tapping on the link below.

Distributing apps…

Installing Apps Silently

Push apps silently onto the device without user intervention. This feature enables the users to install apps without user manually initiating installation. The app shows up on the device without any prompts. VPP apps can be installed silently on the devices. Follow the links below to learn more about silently installing apps.

Silent app installation…

Enforce App Installation

This feature lets you ensure that all essential apps have been installed on the device. It enables the user to push useful apps to the device at once. Follow the link below to learn more on enforcing installation of essential apps.

Required apps…

Update Apps

Hexnode UEM allows you to silently update your enterprise apps when new versions are available. These apps can be distributed through the Hexnode portal by pushing the updated enterprise app via install application action or automated rollout via policy.

Update apps…

Block/Allow Apps

Restrict users from accessing unwanted apps on the devices by blocklisting them. Allowlisting allows users to access only a specific set of apps, blocking all the other apps. Learn more about Blocklisting and Allowlisting applications by clicking the link below.

App blocklisting or allowlisting…

App Configuration

With Hexnode, you can configure basic settings like accounts, logins etc, on apps with the help of App Configuration feature.

The app configuration files are deployed in XML format containing the keys and values to specify the configured settings. Follow the below link to learn more on app configuration.

App configuration…

Enforce OS Updates

Hexnode enables you to keep your macOS devices updated to the latest OS versions. With Hexnode, admin can remotely deploy OS updates to macOS devices enrolled via DEP.

Enforcing OS updates on macOS devices…

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