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FAQs on Google Workspace (G Suite)

1. Do I need to integrate Google Workspace (G Suite) to enroll in Android Enterprise using Google Domain?

Integrating Google Workspace (G Suite) with Hexnode is one of the prerequisites to enroll devices in Android Enterprise (AE) using Google Domain. Once you integrate Google Workspace with Hexnode, you can sync all users and user groups from Google Workspace to your portal, assign devices to those Google Workspace users, and enroll devices using Google Domain. Follow our help doc on configuring AE using Google Workspace (G Suite) to know more.

2. How long does it take for Google Workspace (G Suite) users to sync with Hexnode?

Once Google Workspace (G Suite) integrates with Hexnode, all the users and groups in Google Workspace will be displayed in Hexnode within a couple of minutes. You can schedule the sync on a weekly or daily basis using the Scheduled Scan feature present in the G Suite page of the Hexnode portal. Additionally, you can initiate a sync at any time by clicking on the refresh icon next to each domain.

3. Why should I choose Hexnode UEM when Google Workspace (G Suite) has its own mobile device management system?

Apart from iOS, macOS, Windows and Android, Hexnode also supports Fire OS and tvOS devices. Google Endpoint Management (GEM) might help you achieve your basic requirements. Still, you might find it challenging to manage a diverse set of devices in your organization. Hexnode lets you have granular control over the devices you enroll in, such as pushing app configurations for specific apps, and more.

4. Can I sync multiple domains with Hexnode?

You can sync more than one domain with Hexnode. All the domains in the account you linked will be listed in the Hexnode portal. You can select which domains need to be synced.

5. Why are there two sync buttons on the G Suite page of the Hexnode portal?

The sync button at the beginning of the G Suite page under the Admin section of the Hexnode portal is used to sync the whole Google Workspace (G Suite) domain to Hexnode. The admin can use this when sub-domains added to the account are not visible in Hexnode. The sync button next to each domain is used to sync that domain. Use this button if the complete set of users or groups of a particular domain are not visible in the Hexnode portal.

6. How many devices can I assign to a Google Workspace (G Suite) user?

You can enroll a maximum of ten devices via the Android Enterprise program for a Google Workspace (G Suite) user. After assigning 10 devices to the user, you cannot assign any more devices even if you reassign one device to a non-Google Workspace user.

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