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What is the purpose of Apple ID in iOS device management?

A single Apple ID can be used to access various Apple services like iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and more. An Apple ID can be created either for a user or an organization. These Apple IDs can be used for availing Apple services as well as for managing Apple devices.

An organizational Apple ID is used in an MDM to:

  • Create an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate to allow communication between Hexnode UEM and Apple devices.
  • Log in to the Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager console for automatic device deployment via DEP and to purchase and distribute apps via VPP. This Apple ID is needed to configure your DEP account and VPP account.

Following are the services for which the user’s Apple ID comes into use:

  • To log in to various Apple services such as FaceTime, iMessage, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, and iCloud.
  • For installing store apps on devices distributed via MDM.
  • To bypass activation lock and enable lost mode on the device.
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