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Does Hexnode have APIs?

Yes, it does. Hexnode MDM API exists as a RESTful JSON implementation optimized for application developers. RESTful API is a universal standard, and developers consider it simple to work with. They do not have to start anything from scratch because all the building blocks are readily available with Hexnode API.

The Hexnode API works over authenticated HTTPS secured channels. It allows developers to perform write, read, edit, or delete operations. Since this API follows HTTP rules, they can establish simple and direct communication using any client HTTP library. Thus, they can facilitate custom development and integration with Hexnode MDM.

The Hexnode API simplifies the process of creating a custom UI to integrate with Hexnode MDM. The developers can quickly transfer data over HTTP. Check out Hexnode’s comprehensive documentation to guide users through the entire process of integration.

Features of Hexnode MDM API

With Hexnode API, you can trigger various MDM operations on devices. Some of them are listed below:

  • Query information about devices, users, user groups, or device groups
  • Enforce policies such as restrictions, configurations, etc.
  • Enable kiosk modes
  • Install applications
  • Query information about app catalogs and groups
  • Send remote commands such as data wipe, lock, scan location, power-off, restart devices, etc.
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