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Troubleshooting iOS app installation error – Cannot connect to iTunes Store

Hexnode provides extensive app management capabilities for iOS devices, and the administrators find it easier to deploy and manage the apps from the MDM console. Yet, occasionally the app installation might fail on the device due to various reasons. This documentation helps you fix the issue if the app installation pushed from Hexnode fails on an iOS device because the device cannot connect to the iTunes store.


While installing the application on an iOS device through the Hexnode UEM console, the app installation failed by raising an error message ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ on the device’s Action History page.


Many quick-fixes will help you resolve this issue. You can try attempting any of these solutions to remedy the app installation failures.
  1. Examine Apple’s system status page

    Verify Apple’s system status page and ensure there are no service interruptions in your region or country.

  2. Re-assure the device’s network connectivity by following a few steps.
    • Try connecting the device to any website.
    • If you are unable to connect, access any website using another device on the same network.
    • When no other devices can connect to any website, reset the Wi-Fi router by turning it off and then turning it on again.
    • If you still experience an interruption in connecting to the Wi-Fi network, you may contact your internet service provider.
    • If only the device in which the app installation failed cannot connect to the network, refer to Apple Support to get help in connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
    • If you use mobile data for the network connection, ensure that you have toggled-on mobile data for the given app.
  3. Update the device software

    Update the given iOS device to the latest version. Try reconnecting to the network again.

  4. Verify data and time

    Check whether the date, time and time zone of the device is set correctly. Update the date and time if they are set incorrectly. You can also select the option to set the date and time automatically from the device’s Settings.

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