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UEM deployment guide for iboss cloud connector 2020

iPads and iPhones are changing the landscape of mobile computing with their secure operating systems, ever-growing app store, native hardware-based encryption, and more. But, how can you ensure that your organization’s endpoints comply with your security policies when they are in the office or the field?

In this era where businesses resort to telecommuting, the traditional gateway security appliances forcing users to follow network perimeters are ineffective. Hence, organizations are leveraging consistent cloud security solutions to secure users in and out of their physical network boundaries. The iboss cloud connector 2020 can be your one-stop solution to secure your users’ internet access from anywhere.

About iboss

iboss is a cloud security company that focuses on delivering network security as a complete SaaS offering. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, iboss strives to solve the challenge of securing decentralized organizations. Built on a proprietary architecture designed for the cloud, it provides enhanced security for distributed enterprises with more financial predictability.

Whether you’re concerned with securing your business or educational institutions, iboss cloud is leading the way in cloud security innovation. As a leading visionary in securing cloud gateways, iboss cloud is transforming the Secure Web Gateway market. It is recognized on the Gartner Secure Web Gateway Magic Quadrant in addition to the Forrester Wave. It offers enterprise-grade gateway security that is completely in the cloud, which means no appliances and lower costs. In addition, with no appliances to worry about, it eliminates the need to back all your data, which leads to lower latency as traffic is directed straight to cloud security.

The iboss cloud connector 2020 app from iboss provides uninterrupted web access and secures it from all mobile threat vectors. It can also generate user-based web reports for the iOS/iPadOS device family. The iboss cloud connector fortifies the iOS ecosystem by interfacing with the iboss Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and leverages it for a domain, keyword and category-based blocking, data loss protection, and malware detection.

About Hexnode

Hexnode is an award-winning UEM platform that makes device management easy, fast and cost-efficient. It has all the right tools and features to securely manage endpoints regardless of the OS platform. Hexnode, at its core, is designed to ease IT workflows and save time by automating various manual tasks.

Hexnode now serves thousands of happy customers spread across hundreds of countries worldwide. Its future-ready endpoint management solution can enroll, manage, secure, and track Apple, Android, and Windows devices, all from a unified platform. Be it COPE, BYOD, COBO, or CYOD, Hexnode easily scales to your growing business needs.

Hexnode – iboss integration

Hexnode’s integration with iboss provides consistent network security policies to secure your iOS device fleet. Organizations can now have an agile, flexible, and scalable solution to secure their users’ internet access. This integration facilitates administrators to configure the VPN settings for their users’ devices remotely using the Hexnode console. The iboss cloud connector complements Hexnode with enhanced web security and granular user-based reporting that enhances visibility into users’ network activities.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced web security: When a user takes an iOS device onsite or offsite, the user will always remain connected to the iboss cloud regardless of location. Hence, it makes sure that the entire network activity is protected at all times. As iboss completely resides in the cloud, it easily scales to achieve the demands of a cloud-first future.
  • Web content filtering: The filtering policies from the iboss cloud connector makes sure that the data traffic from the device is secured and protected from malware and attacks from fraudulent sites. In addition, if any ports or domains are filtered in the browser, they’ll be automatically filtered for any other app.
  • Remote deployment of iboss cloud connector: Hexnode eases the IT workload by remotely deploying the iboss cloud connector app to the iOS devices.
  • Detailed audits and reports: The iboss cloud generates granular event logs, detailed reports and real-time dashboards to monitor network activities. Besides, administrators will be instantly alerted in case of any high-risk activity by the end-user.
  • Remote VPN configuration: With Hexnode, administrators can remotely add the iboss cloud connector VPN configurations to the iOS devices, including the VPN On Demand and proxy settings. Any frontline workforce or field force can seamlessly connect to the configured VPN without fussing about data security.

Key Features

  • Native integration with Apple’s networking framework: The iboss cloud connector ensures a stable and reliable integration with iOS to secure all apps, including native applications such as Safari. This makes it compliant with a wider range of network environments.
  • Automatic deployment of SSL decryption certificate: The iboss cloud connector allows administrators to selectively inspect encrypted HTTPS traffic by automatically deploying the SSL decryption certificate to the iOS devices. As a result, they can gain enhanced visibility into the network traffic and enhance the filtering options.
  • Advanced data protection: It provides in-depth data protection with top-ranked malware engines and feeds. Also, the deep file-based DLP with advanced content analysis engines safeguards the sensitive data available on the cloud.
  • Enhanced visibility into user activity: The iboss cloud connector provides instant user visibility, policy violation monitoring, and full URL visibility by locating specific web incidents and events.

Set up iboss with Hexnode

Configuring the iboss cloud connector 2020 VPN for the iOS devices requires its respective app to be deployed to the iOS devices. You can deploy the iboss cloud connector 2020 app via Hexnode in two ways:

I. Install app via remote actions

  1. Navigate to Manage and select the required iOS devices.
  2. Click on Actions > Install Application.
  3. Head on to the Public Store tab and use the search box to find the iboss cloud connector 2020 app.
  4. Click Install.

II. Install app via Policies

  1. Navigate to Policies.
  2. Create a new policy with the New Policy button or choose an existing policy to continue editing it. If a new policy is created, provide a name and description (optional) for the policy.
  3. Head on to iOS > App Management > Required Apps > Configure > +Add > Add App.
  4. Use the Public Store to find the iboss cloud connector app and click Done.
  5. Finally, associate the policy with the target iOS devices from the Policy targets tab.

Next, configure the VPN policy to push the iboss cloud connector VPN settings to the iOS devices. Follow the below steps to set up the VPN connection remotely:

  1. Navigate to Policies > iOS > Network > VPN > Configure.
  2. Choose the Connection Type as iboss cloud connector 2020 and configure the below settings:
    Settings Description
    Connection Name Provide the name for the VPN connection to be displayed on the devices.
    Server Enter the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the VPN server to connect with the devices.
    Account Provide the username for authenticating to the VPN server. %name% and %email% can be used to automatically collect the username and email data, respectively.
    User Authentication Select the method of authentication from two options – Password and Certificate (default). To enable VPN On Demand, choose the authentication type as Certificate.

    (Available if Password is selected as the method of User Authentication)

    Provide the password to connect to the VPN server.

    (Available if Certificate is selected as the method of User Authentication)

    Select an existing credential certificate from the list. To add one, proceed to iOS > Security > Certificates.
    Third party VPN Configuration Configure information specific to third party VPN solutions (apps) which the iOS devices do not support directly.
    Proxy Set up proxy automatically or manually or select None (default) to skip the process.


Configuring iboss cloud connector 2020 VPN settings is available on Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra editions. Also, note that the app requires Secure Web Gateway version or higher.

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