Android Kiosk Mode – Steps to enable it

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a lockdown mechanism to limit your Android smartphone or tablet to a single app or a handful of applications of your choice. With Kiosk mode turned on, the Android device gets restricted to just the chosen applications. Other apps, device settings or even the notifications bar won’t be accessible to the user.

How Android Kiosks work?

On Android devices, Kiosk mode works by replacing the default Launcher with a password protected custom launcher/app drawer. On the Kiosk Launcher, the home button, back button and recent apps tray would no longer work. Neither would the notifications shade. However, the volume keys and power/lock button may be configured to work. Unlocking the device directly opens up the Kiosk launcher, bypassing the Android lock screen.

Turn Android devices into Kiosks with Hexnode MDM

Here is how you can turn on Hexnode MDM Kiosk mode on your Android devices.

  1. Send Enrollment request
    1. Create a new user.
      1. Click on “Enrollment Tab > New Enrollment > Select User > Add new user”.
      2. Type in email and user details
    2. Check ‘Send enrollment request’
    3. Choose Ownership type.
    4. Hit Save

Send enrollment request

  1. On the Android device
    1. Download and install the Hexnode MDM Kiosk app from Play Store. Hexnode MDM 
    2. Open the App and fill the following details in the app and enroll.
      1. Enter the ” <CompanyName> ” for Server Name.
      2. Enter email address (where you sent the invite) as the User Name.
      3. Enter the OTP that he received over the email as password.
    3. Tap “Enroll”.


  1. Choose device ownership 
  1. Activate Device Administration
    1. Continue and Tap Activate
    2. Continue

Activate Device Administration

  1. Enroll device. Tap continue. After authenticating, the device will be enrolled with Hexnode MDM.
  2. Configure Kiosk Mode policy on Hexnode MDM (Desktop)
    1. Go to Policies > New Policy >Android Settings
    2. Click Kiosk mode > Configure
    3. Search for any app installed on the device and click Enter
    4. Type backspace to delete the previously added app
    5. Click Policy target
      1. Select a target – User, device, user group, device group or domain and click save

Configure Kiosk PolicyKiosk policy has been assigned to the target devices with the selected apps. Now you have got to turn on Kiosk mode on the devices. 

  1. On Android Marshmallow and up (Android 6 +), you need to enable ‘draw over apps’ permission. You can skip this on lower versions
    1. Head to Settings > App Settings > Configure apps
    2. Select Draw over apps
      1. Select Hexnode MDM and turn on “Permit drawing over other apps”

App permissions Draw over apps











Launch Hexnode MDM App 

Enable usage accessLaunch Kiosk Mode

  1. Tap Kiosk Mode
  2. Enable Usage access
    1. Select Hexnode MDM and turn on “Enableusage access”




  1. Tap Activate Kiosk
    1. Complete action using Hexnode Kiosk – Select Always

You have successfully turned on Kiosk mode

  1. To exit Kiosk mode
    1. Tap the screen 10 times within 5 seconds
    2. Enter the password
    3. You can set your own password from Admin > MDM settings > Kiosk settings
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