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Getting Started with iOS Device Management

iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems created and developed exclusively for Apple devices. It is an operating system that presently powers many of the business devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hexnode MDM brings in a number of features associated with iOS. Jump in to know more on how to get started with iOS device management.

Enroll iOS Device

Before you start enrolling your devices, you need to make sure that the APNs (Apple Push Notification service) certificate on your server is configured. Get to know more on configuring APNs certificate by tapping on the link below.

Configuring APNs…

After creating the APNs certificate, you can start enrolling the devices in Hexnode MDM. You can pre-approve the devices using Apple DEP and distribute apps to the devices using Apple VPP.

Learn more about various ways to enroll iOS devices by following the link below.

iOS device enrollment…

Configure Restrictions

You can control the activities of various features on your device by setting up suitable restrictions. There are a set of basic and advanced restrictions that help you control your device’s functionalities.

Basic Restrictions: Restricts device features and apps from being accessed by the user. It lists out all those restrictions which can be set on all iOS devices.

Advanced Restrictions: Set up enhanced security restrictions over supervised iOS devices.

Get to know more about configuring iOS restrictions from the link below.

Setting up restrictions…

Separation of Work and Personal Data

The flow of personal and corporate data between the apps can be controlled by setting up separate encrypted containers. It sets up restrictions to prevent users from opening managed documents in unmanaged destinations or prevent users from accessing unmanaged documents in managed destination.

Get to know more on configuring Business Container.

Configuring Business Container…

Manage Apps

Choose the apps you wish to see on your device and block the less essential ones. Manage, distribute and remove apps efficiently across a number of devices. Learn more about managing apps on your device by following the link below.

Enable app management…

You can install the apps silently on your iOS devices without the user manually initiating installation only if your iOS device is supervised. Follow the link below to learn more about installing apps silently on iOS devices.

Silent app installation…

VPP (Volume Purchase Program) apps can be installed silently on supervised iOS devices. Get to know more about VPP apps and their applications from the links below:

  1. Enroll organization in VPP
  2. Deploy VPP apps
  3. Install apps without iTunes…

The users can also block certain apps from functioning on the device and allow essential apps to run on the device with the blacklist or whitelist feature in Hexnode MDM. This feature prevents the installation of blacklisted apps on the device and hides the already installed blacklisted apps from the device. Click on the link below to learn more about blacklisting or whitelisting apps on the device.

Block or allow apps…

Kiosk mode can be activated on iOS devices, restricting the devices to a single application or a handful of applications, blocking all others. Tap on the below link to learn more about kiosk mode and its settings. It is to be noted that the device needs to be supervised to enable kiosk mode.

Setting up kiosk mode…

Supervised mode allows you to differentiate institutionally owned iOS devices from personal devices. It unlocks additional features and restricts many features that are inappropriate for corporate use. Go through the link below to learn more about making your iOS devices supervised.

iOS Supervised mode…

Web clip looks like an app icon that directs you to a website when clicked. You simply need to provide a label, an icon and a URL. It resembles an app on your home screen. Get to know more about web clip configuration steps by following the link below.

Configuring web clips…

Prevent MDM Removal

Prevent the removal of MDM profile, from the Hexnode MDM console by enrolling the devices using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Restrict MDM profile removal…

Network Security

Ensure utmost security for your network by setting up suitable configurations for your network. You can configure Wi-Fi, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Email, ActiveSync and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Get to know more about configuring network settings by following the links below.

  1. Wi-Fi settings
  2. Email configurations
  3. Exchange ActiveSync configurations
  4. VPN settings
  5. LDAP settings
  6. APN
  7. Google Accounts

Web Content Filtering

You can prevent access to certain websites in your Organization with the web content filtering feature. Learn more on how to block access to unwanted websites by following the link below.

Block access to unwanted websites…

Activation Lock Bypass

You can bypass the activation lock using Hexnode MDM thus unlocking the device that had been locked to protect the device from being reset by someone anonymous. Please note that the devices need to be enrolled in Hexnode MDM prior to reset. Get to know more about bypassing activation lock by following the link below.

Bypass Activation Lock…

Remote View

The Remote view feature for iOS devices enables the admin to remotely view the enrolled devices directly from their Hexnode MDM console. Admin can monitor the device end activities directly from their console. Learn more about the remote view feature of Hexnode MDM from the link below.

Remote View…

Mobile Data Management

Users can track and manage mobile data usage on their iOS devices with the Network usage rules feature in Hexnode MDM. This feature lets you control the cellular data usage or roaming data usage by the managed apps on your devices. This notifies and allows the administrators to control the unnecessary data expenses in an organization. Follow the link below to learn more about managing mobile data usage.

Mobile Data Management…


You can customize exactly how the apps are arranged on-screen. Apps, App groups and Web Clips can be added to the Home Screen Layout.

Customizing Home Screen Layout…

The way your device look can be customized by setting up lock screen and home screen wallpaper.

Customizing Wallpaper…