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FAQs on ROM Enrollment

1. What are the hardware requirements to build ROM from Android Open-Source Project (AOSP)?

The hardware requirements include:

  • 64-bit environment for Android 2.3 and later
  • Recommended on Ubuntu 14.04
  • At least 400GB of disk space (SSD recommended)
  • At least 16GB of RAM

2. Does ROM enrollment support authenticated enrollment?

Yes, Android ROM/OEM enrollment supports enrollment via authentication. To enable authentication, set the Authentication Modes as Enforce Authentication under the enrollment settings under Admin > Enrollment (or from Enroll > Settings).

3. How can I prevent users from flashing ROM on Android devices?

Admins can prevent users from flashing ROM on Android devices by configuring a policy that restricts Developer mode, USB debugging, and Factory reset from Android > Advanced Restrictions and associating it with the target devices.

4. Who decides what all apps can be system apps?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) manufacture custom ROMs for their devices. System apps are housed in ROM. Therefore, OEMs determine which all apps need to be made as system apps.

5. Where can I get devices that have Hexnode MDM as a system app?

Your organization needs to team up with OEM vendors willing to flash a custom ROM to Android devices with Hexnode MDM as a system app. The OEM will make the app a system or a privileged app.

6. Why should I ask OEM vendors to flash custom ROM when I can do it?

There are a number of things that can go wrong with flashing custom ROM. Improper flashing can even lead the device to get bricked. Additionally, if you flash your device without involving the OEM vendor, you will void your warranty. Therefore, it is best to leave flashing of the custom ROM to the OEM vendors.