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How to set Lock Screen Message on iOS devices

Hexnode enables you to set lock screen message on iOS devices via the MDM console. If a device gets lost or misplaced, a suitable lock screen message will help the finder return the device to the owner. The admin can configure the lock screen message in all the devices remotely and can also edit them at any time.


  • This feature is supported only on Supervised iOS 9.3 devices and above.
  • It is available on Enterprise and higher subscription plans.

Set up lock screen message via policy

To set up lock screen message on your iOS devices via policy,

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Navigate to Policies > New Policy. Assign a suitable name and description (optional) for the policy. You can also choose to continue with an existing policy.
  3. Go to iOS > Configurations > Lock Screen Message. Click Configure.
  4. Add appropriate messages to be displayed in the lock screen:
    • “If found, return to” Message: Enter a relevant message.
    • Asset Tag Information: Enter any valid information.

You can add wildcards as the Asset Tag information.
Asset Tag Information supports the use of the following wildcards,

  • %devicename%
  • %imei%
  • %serialnumber%
  • %name%
  • %email%
  • %deviceid%
  • %domain%
  • %netbiosname%
  • %udid%
  • %model%
  • %phonenumber%
  • %iccid%
  • %wifimacaddress%
  • %username%
  • %assettag%
  • %department%
  • %devicenotes%

This would help to create custom lock screen messages specific to each user. For example, if you use the wildcard %name%, the Asset Tag Information field gets populated with the name of the user assigned to that device.

To Associate Lock Screen Messages to Devices/Groups.

If the policy has not yet been saved,

  1. Move on to Policy Targets.
  2. Click on +Add Devices.
  3. Select the devices and click OK.
  4. Click on Save to apply the policy to the devices.

Apart from devices, you can also associate the policies to device groups, user and user groups from Policy Targets.

If the policy has been saved, you can associate it by another method.

  1. From Policies, check the policies to be associated.
  2. Click on Manage → Associate Targets, select the device.
  3. Click on Associate to apply policy to the devices.

Here, once the policies have been applied, lock screen message will be displayed on the lock screen.

Lock Screen Message will be displayed as shown below.

set lock screen message on iOS device using Hexnode MDM.


It displays the required messages on the lock screen. Hence it is highly recommended to provide your contact details which can help in finding the lost or misplaced device.