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How to Update Hexnode app in iOS devices without exiting Kiosk

The MDM app gets installed automatically, once the device gets enrolled to Hexnode. Updating Hexnode MDM app iOS kiosk reduces the effort of exiting kiosk every time there is an update. Each iOS device must be physically connected to a Mac computer via a USB cable to push the updates.


The device must be signed in to the Apple ID account for app installation and updates.

Hexnode MDM app update in iOS kiosk using Apple Configurator

Hexnode MDM app updates can be pushed to a device running in both single app kiosk and multi app kiosk, provided Hexnode MDM app is present in kiosk.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac device using a USB cable.
  2. Click on Trust for trusting the computer in your iOS device.
  3. Trust a device in Apple Configurator
  4. Open Apple Configurator in Mac and select the device to which the app has to be pushed.
  5. Click on Add and choose Apps.
  6. Sign in to your iTunes account and search for Hexnode UEM.
  7. Select the app and click on ADD.
  8. Click on Replace.


In case of single app kiosk, the updates will get installed in the device. But kiosk mode must be exited and re-entered for the updates to get reflected in the Hexnode app running in the foreground.