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How does a Supervised iOS device differ from a Non-Supervised iOS device?

A supervised iOS device unravels all the extra hidden features which enhance the security of the device and make it suitable for an enterprise.

Given below are the list of features which differentiates the features of a Supervised iOS device to a Non-Supervised iOS device:


Feature Supervised Non-Supervised
Application Blacklisting/Whitelisting
(iOS 9.3+)
App is hidden if the user blacklists an already installed app. Device is marked as non-compliant if a blacklisted app is installed on the device.
App installation Installs silently. Installs on user confirmation.
Web Content Filter
Web Clip
Restricting Home Screen Wallpaper
Global HTTP Proxy
Lock Screen Message
Different Font Styles
Configure AirPlay
Control on notification settings for apps
(iOS 9.3+)
App notifications cannot be controlled.
Kiosk Mode
Location Tracking
A specific policy is applied when the device is within the geofence, the device will also be non-compliant when it crosses the geofenced region.


Advanced Restrictions
Feature Supervised Non-Supervised
(iOS 7.0+)
Apps can modify cellular data usage
(iOS 7.0+)
Add or remove TouchID
(iOS 6.0+)
Game Center
(iOS 6.0+)
Multiplayer gaming
Pair with iTunes
(iOS 7.0+)
Install configuration profile
(iOS 6.0+)
Definition lookup
(iOS 8.1.3+)
Predictive keyboard
(iOS 8.1.3+)
Auto-correct words
Suggest words on misspellings
Keyboard shortcuts
(iOS 9.0+)
Pair with Apple Watch
(iOS 9.0+)
Modify diagnostic data submission settings
(iOS 9.3.2+)
Modify Bluetooth settings
(iOS 10.0+)
Use voice to type
(iOS 10.3+)
Connect to MDM-configured Wi-Fi networks only
(iOS 10.3+)
Create VPN configuration<\/b>
(iOS 11.0+)
(iOS 11.0+)
Connect with iBeacon
(iOS 11.0+)
Store AirPrint credentials in Keychain
(iOS 11.0+)
Use trusted certificates for secured printing
(iOS 11.0+)
Install app from App Store
(iOS 9.0+)
Remove apps
Remove system apps
(iOS 11.0+)
iBooks Store
(iOS 6.0+)
Apple Music
(iOS 9.3+)
iTunes Radio
(iOS 9.3+)
(iOS 9.0+)
(iOS 8.0+)
Download all purchased apps automatically
(iOS 9.0+)
Modify an account
Erase content and settings
Siri can access user-generated content
(iOS 7.0+)
Modify Find My Friends
(iOS 7.0+)
Use profanity filter
Show web results using Spotlight Search
Modify Restrictions/ Screen Time
(iOS 8.0+)
Modify passcode
(iOS 9.0+)
Modify device name
(iOS 9.0+)
Modify wallpaper
(iOS 9.0+)
Users can turn notifications on/off
(iOS 9.3+)
Force Automatic Date and Time
(iOS 12.0+)
Autofill Passwords
(iOS 12.0+)
Request passwords from nearby devices
(iOS 12.0+)
Share passwords via AirDrop Passwords feature
(iOS 12.0+)

Basic Restrictions

Feature Supervised Non-Supervised
Screen Capture
Touch ID
Allow Siri while device is locked
Voice dialing
Automatic sync while roaming
Show App Store on the device
iTunes Store
Force user to enter iTunes store password for each purchase
In-app purchases
Trust enterprise app
Users can modify enterprise app trust
Backup enterprise-deployed iBooks
Sync managed app data with iCloud
(below iOS 6)
Fraud warning
Block pop-ups
Accept cookies
Access Passbook when the device is locked
Add friends in Game Center
Backup files to iCloud
Sync documents
Photo Stream
(disallowing might cause data loss)
Share photo streams
iCloud photo library
Sync enterprise book metadata across devices
Lock screen notifications
Today View on lock screen
Control Center on lock screen
Over the air PKI updates
Limit ad tracking
Send diagnostic data to Apple
Accept untrusted TLS certificate
Force encrypted backup
Show notification on Apple Watch if worn
Explicit music, podcasts and iTunes U services
iBooks store erotica
Rating region
Content rating
(region-based rating)
TV shows
(region-based rating)
App ratings



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