How to enable Kiosk mode for iOS

Kiosk mode or Single App mode in iOS is the situation where the device is restricted to run on a single application. The Kiosk mode for iOS is an efficient replacement for the traditional kiosk devices. The main reason is that it is very easy to put an iOS device into a single app mode and very easy to handle. For an iOS device to be put in Single app mode, it needs to be Supervised.

Two simple steps to enable Kiosk mode for iOS

With the help of Hexnode MDM any iOS device can be turned into a Kiosk in two simple steps which are

  1. Create policy.
  2. Associate targets.

Before anything else the devices should be,
• Enrolled in Hexnode MDM and
• The app you wish to set up as kiosk should already be installed in the device.
Once the device is enrolled and the app is installed the setting up of Kiosk mode is a no-brainer.

Create policy

In the Policies tab click New Policy.
Select Kiosk mode from iOS settings.
Select the app you want to put in Kiosk mode. The App Name and App Identifier will automatically gets filled in when you select the app.
If you want to set an Enterprise app as kiosk you will have to add that app to the app list. For that,
• Go to Admin –> App settings –> Apps.
• Click on +Add Apps and select the category Enterprise App. Choose the file and click Add.
Now your Enterprise app will show up in the apps list with Enterprise as its category. This app then needs to be pushed to the devices and then set into Kiosk mode.

How to enable Kiosk mode for iOS

Associate targets

After you create the policy you need to associate this policy to all the devices that need to be put in Applock.
• Click on Policy Targets and click +Add Devices.
• Select the devices, click OK and you’re done.
The devices will switch to Kiosk mode.

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