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Troubleshoot Windows BitLocker association issues

BitLocker, the Windows full-disk encryption program, can be enabled on Windows devices with the BitLocker security policy in Hexnode. This encryption helps to secure the integrity of the device even in compromised environments by encrypting the entire OS volume in the hard disk and by verifying the boot process integrity.

1. BitLocker policy association fails as the system cannot find the specified file.


When you are associating the Windows BitLocker security policy through Hexnode, it fails and returns the error message:

Unable to turn on BitLocker as the system cannot find the file specified. Resetting the REAgent.xml file may help in resolving the issue.

If you are directly turning on BitLocker on such devices without the UEM policy, the OS will throw an error message: System cannot find the file specified.


To resolve this issue, you have to reset the REAgent.xml file on the device. To do so,

  1. Find your target Windows device and open the File Explorer by clicking the keys Windows and E together.
  2. Head on to C:\Windows\System32\Recovery.
  3. Find the REAgent.xml file and right-click on it.
  4. Click on Rename to rename the file REAgent.old.
  5. Click on Yes in the prompt you receive.

After successfully resetting the REAgent.xml file, reassociate the BitLocker policy with the device.