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DEP Management

Device Enrollment Program or DEP enables automatic deployment of your corporate Apple devices. Once a device is activated, it is immediately configured without the need for IT to physically do it. Following documentation will explain how to use Apple DEP with Hexnode MDM.

DEP Settings

To integrate Hexnode MDM with the Device Enrollment Program by Apple, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Click on the Apple DEP option present on the sidebar situated at the left.
  • Click the DEP Settings option, situated at the top right.

Other than the credentials like Account name, Domain, Default user and policy, A DEP token is required and hence it should be uploaded to the MDM portal.

Here are the following steps to generate a DEP token:

  1. Download the certificate file dep_cert.pem.
  2. Visit the Apple Deployment page.
  3. Log into the Apple Deployment page using an Apple ID.
  4. Select Device Enrollment Program and click on the Add MDM Server option.
  5. Enter a suitable name for the MDM server and upload the certificate which you have downloaded from the MDM portal (Step 1).
  6. Download the Server Token provided.
  7. Once the Server Token is downloaded, go back to the MDM portal .
  8. Navigate to the Admin > Apple DEP.
  9. Click on DEP settings.
  10. Click choose file next to Upload DEP token and upload the Server token downloaded.
  11. Click Save.

The Apple DEP token is to be renewed every year, Follow the same steps mentioned above to update the DEP token.

Renew a DEP Token

Apple DEP tokens need to be renewed every year. Follow the above steps and upload new token before your previous token expires.

To pre-enroll DEP devices

To add DEP devices as Pre-enrolled devices, check the option Add as Pre-enrolled Device under DEP Settings.

integration of Apple DEP and MDM

DEP Devices

By default, the DEP device tab contains the list of devices enrolled under DEP, the list would contain details like the serial number, model along with the DEP policies applied to that device if any.

integration of Apple DEP and MDM

To associate a device with a profile

  1. Select the device.
  2. Click Associate Profile button on the top. The following window pops up.
  3. Page-39-Image-90

  4. Select the profile to be assigned and click Assign.

To associate a device to a user

  1. Select the device.
  2. Click Associate User button. Following windows pops up.
  3. Page-40-Image-93

  4. Select the domain and user and click Assign button.

DEP Policies

By default, this page lists all the existing DEP policies.


To see the details of any policy

  1. Click on its name.
  2. The following screen pops up with detailed information about the policy.

upload token

You can also edit the policy on this page and save it again.

To add a new policy

  1. Click the +Add Policy button. It pops up a blank policy page.
  2. Configure your policy settings and click Save.

upload token

Here is the description of the configuration parameters for a policy.

  • Display name– A friendly name of the policy.
  • Department – Department name to which the devices are assigned.
  • Support Phone Number – Contact number for users if they need help during setup.
  • Mandatory– Check this, if it is mandatory for users to complete enrollment during
  • Supervised– Check this, if the devices under this policy are supervised upon
  • Allow pairing– Check this, if the devices can be paired with a computer.
  • Removable-Check this, if this profile is removable.
  • Is multi user– Check this, if a device can have multiple users.
  • Skip steps– Hexnode MDM DEP allows for a customized setup Experience. Check
    the options which are allowed to be skipped during setup.

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