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How to Remove Password from a Device using Hexnode MDM?

Consider a case where an employee leaves your organization without clearing the password from the corporate device assigned to that user and forgets to let the admin know about the password on the device. In such a case, the password can be cleared from the Hexnode MDM console. A password also includes a PIN or a pattern used to unlock the screen.


  • Hexnode can clear passwords only on iOS devices and devices running Android version below 7.
  • After a specific number of incorrect password attempts, the device will remain disabled for some time. You will be able to clear the password from the portal only after that lock-out period.

Clear Password using Hexnode MDM

To clear a password from a device,

  1. Login to your Hexnode console.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  3. Check one or more devices to clear password from.
  4. From Manage, select Clear Password.

No confirmation will be asked from the admin or the users about clearing the password. The password will be cleared from the device immediately after Clear Password option is selected.


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