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How to setup Google Account on iOS devices using Hexnode

Google Accounts provide a wide access to online Google services. You can setup a Google account on iOS devices using Hexnode.


This feature is supported only on supervised iOS devices with OS version 9.3 and later.


This feature is available in all subscription plans except Express plan.

To setup Google account on iOS devices

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Head on to Policies.
  3. Choose an existing policy or create a new one by clicking on New Policy.
  4. Click-on iOS > Accounts > Google Accounts > Configure.
  5. Click on +Add Accounts.

You will have the following options to be configured.

  • Account Description – A name for the email account. It is merely for distinguishing between the various accounts.
  • Account Name – The name of the email account to be configured.
  • Email address – Provide the email address of the Google account to be configured. You can enter %email%, and the device will fetch the user’s Gmail account, to whom the device is assigned.
  • Audio Call App – The application through which audio calls can be made to the contacts synced from the configured Google account. This feature is supported only on iOS version 10 and later.

Once these options are configured, you can associate these policies to the devices.

To Associate Policies to Devices / Groups.

If the policy has not yet been saved.

  1. Navigate to Policy Targets.
  2. Click on +Add Devices.
  3. Select the devices and click OK.
  4. Click on Save to apply the policies to devices.

Apart from devices, you can also associate the policies with device groups, user and user groups from Policy Targets.

If the policy has been saved you can associate it by another method,

  1. From Policies, check the policies to be associated.
  2. Click on Manage → Associate Targets and select the device.
  3. Click on Associate to apply policy to the devices.

Here, once the policies have been applied, Google account will be configured on your device.

The device will ask a prompt to enter the Google password for the configured Google account.