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Change MDM Server with Apple DEP

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) enables automatic deployment of your corporate Apple devices. Once a device is activated, the device will be automatically configured without the need to do it physically.

You cannot migrate a device from one DEP to another. Once DEP is removed, it is no longer possible for the device to enroll back into DEP. So, there is this other way of changing the MDM server keeping the DEP same. To do this, you’ll need nothing but an internet connection and a web browser.

Follow the series of steps given below which will guide you through the process of changing the device from one MDM server to the other.

Step 1: Create a new MDM server at Apple Business Manager.

  1. Login to Apple Business Manager Page..
  2. Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Device Management Settings > click on Add MDM Server and name the server.
  3. Upload the public key obtained from the MDM console while setting up DEP > Click Save.
  4. Click on Download Token > Download the server token and upload it to the MDM console.

If you are planning to migrate from any MDM solutions to Hexnode and move your device(s) to Hexnode MDM, you can obtain the public key (server token) from Enroll > Platform-Specific > iOS > Apple Business/School Manager and clicking on Hexnode_Apple_DEP_cert.pem.

Step 2: After creating an MDM server, assign devices to that server.

  1. Click on Device Assignments in Apple Business Manager portal.
  2. Choose the method for device assignment. You can add devices either by serial number or order number or upload a comma-separated value (.csv) file that contains a list of device serial numbers.
  3. Once you successfully complete doing this, click on Choose MDM Server and select a new server. Click Done > OK.

Nothing more. Configure DEP policy on your MDM console and start using the device on that MDM service.