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Change MDM Server with Apple DEP

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a legacy method to enable automatic deployment of corporate-owned devices. Now, Apple has integrated the capabilities of DEP and VPP (Volume Purchase Program) into a single portal known as Apple Business Manager (ABM). So, an organization must upgrade to ABM to continue using Apple’s deployment programs.

ABM allows organizations to assign, reassign, or unassign devices. If you are planning to migrate your devices from any MDM solutions to Hexnode, you can reassign device licenses to the Hexnode server. Also, ABM allows you to assign licenses to different servers within the same MDM solution. In this way, an organization can change the MDM server associated with their devices in just a handful of steps.

Change MDM server of devices with Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Note that the server to which the devices are to be assigned or reassigned should be already linked with ABM using a secure token. In order to assign/reassign licenses,

  1. Log in to your Apple Business Manager account.
  2. Click Devices. Search and select the required devices from the list. You can filter devices based on their source, order numbers, device types, etc. Then, click on Edit corresponding to the Edit MDM server option. In the case of a single device, click on the Edit MDM Server database icon that appears on the screen’s top center.
  3. Next, select the Assign to the following MDM option, and choose the required MDM server to which the devices are to be assigned.


  • You can also unassign devices from an assigned MDM server by clicking on the Edit MDM server icon at the top (upon selecting one device) or the Edit button (upon selecting multiple devices) and then selecting the ‘Unassign from the current MDM’ option. This option will not be available if you’re choosing a device that is not assigned to any MDM servers.
  • You can also release devices in ABM if they have been lost, sold, or repaired. But, releasing a device will remove the device from ABM, and it cannot be added back unless it is enrolled manually through Apple Configurator 2 for supported iOS and tvOS devices. To add Mac devices back to ABM using Apple Configurator on iPhone, ensure that the macOS is running Monterey with Apple M1 Silicon or T2 Security chip.

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