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Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox Hexnode MDM

Achieve a higher tier of security

Fluid integration of Samsung Knox with Hexnode MDM elevates device security and unlocks a plethora of features beyond the features of standard Android devices.

Multi-level security

Device Security that is not bound to just the software.

Unparalleled management

Seamless management over BYOD and corporate devices.

Maximize flexibility

Leverage the features of Knox and Hexnode in one place.

Samsung Safe

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox incorporates a multi-level security system that starts from the hardware up. Unique certificates are burned into the chipset and can detect security breaches with the highest order of efficiency. Boot time protection verifies the integrity of the device on every boot. Real-time kernel protection and management ensure the kernel, core component of the OS, is not tampered with. Support for integration with Mobile Device Management solutions ensures complete security and management wherever, whenever. Refer supported devices list to make sure the device is built with the Knox platform.

Hexnode MDM and Samsung Knox

Hexnode MDM and Samsung Knox

The Knox solution conjointly with Hexnode MDM incorporates a wide variety of features and restriction for supported Samsung devices. Following are some of the advanced features provided by Hexnode’s Knox solution.