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How to Blackilist/Whitelist Apps

Blacklisting apps restrict the user from accessing an app or a group of apps on the device. The set of apps that are unsafe or deemed to be inappropriate for the organization can be marked as blacklisted.

Whitelisting, on the other hand, allows a set of pre-selected apps to function in the device, blocking all others. Whitelisting allows the administrators to limit the set of applications the user can execute.

How to blacklist or whitelist apps?

Blacklisting and whitelisting works in combination with policy. You need to be able to blacklist or whitelist different sets of apps for different users. Navigate to the policy tab and create a policy, categorize apps as blacklisted or whitelisted and assign the policy to any device, users or groups.

Have a look at how you can blacklist or whitelist apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices using Hexnode: iOS, Android, and Windows.