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How to Delete User, Device Group or User Group using Hexnode MDM?

A user, device group or user group can be deleted to release all policies applied to a user or a group. This is totally different from deleting a device as only a pre-approved device can be deleted from the device list.

Deleting a user

If a user is deleted, all devices belonging to that user can either be disenrolled or assigned to a new user.


A Default User, a user in the Active Directory and a user to whom a DEP device is assigned, cannot be deleted.

To delete a user,

  1. Go to Manage tab from Hexnode MDM console.
  2. Click on Users.
  3. Check the users who are to be deleted.
  4. From Manage, select Delete User.
  5. Select an action from the list.
    1. Disenroll device: Deletes all policies and apps associated with a specific user from the device. Hexnode MDM cannot manage such devices any further until enrolled again.
    2. Assign to a new user: All policies and apps for the current user will be deleted and new policies are associated with the device.

Deleting a user group or device group

Any policy associated with the user group or device group will be removed after they are deleted. However, policies associated with the device or user will bind to the device.

Deleting a user group

To delete a user group,

  1. Go to Manage tab.
  2. Click on User Groups.
  3. Check the user groups which are to be deleted.
  4. From Manage, select Delete User Group.

Deleting a device group

Deleting a device group is similar. To delete a device group,

  1. Click on Device Groups from Manage tab in Hexnode MDM console.
  2. Check all devices which are to be deleted.
  3. Select Delete Device Group from Manage.