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When are technicians forcefully logged out from Hexnode?

A technician is logged out from the currently logged-in session when any of the following account modifications are made, or conditions are met:

  • The username or email address is changed.
  • The SSO login is disabled, revoked or reset.
  • The account is deleted or deactivated.
  • The password is reset.
  • The technician role is changed.
  • Two-factor authentication is enabled.
  • A login to the same account is attempted from multiple browsers/devices.
  • The account is inactive for the duration specified (Logout after a period of inactivity) in the Hexnode UEM.
  • Notes:

    • On changing the role of another technician, the Super Admin/Admin who is changing the role will be presented with a prompt stating that the technician, whose role is to be changed will be logged out for the changes to take effect.
    • When the username or email address of a technician is changed, they will be forced to log out of their account. While reattempting to log in, they will be asked to reconfigure the Authenticator app if two-factor authentication is mandated for that technician.

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