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When are technicians forcefully logged out from Hexnode?

Hexnode enforces a technician to logout from the currently logged in account because of the following reasons:

  • The current username or email address of the technician is changed.
  • The SSO login via which the technician has signed in is disabled, revoked or reset.
  • The technician is deleted or deactivated.
  • The technician resets his own local password.
  • The role of a technician is changed.
  • When a technician enables Two-factor authentication for a different technician.
  • When a technician tries to access his portal from multiple browsers/devices, Hexnode will terminate the live portal session in the first browser/device.

    • On changing the role of another technician, an administrator will be presented with two options, either to force log out the currently active role changed technician or to change the technician role on the next login. The technician will be forced out of his session only if the former option is selected.
    • When the username or email address of a technician is changed, he will be forced out of the account. While reattempting to log in, he will be asked to reconfigure the Authenticator app if two-factor authentication is mandated for that technician.

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