ActiveSync configuration for Windows devices with MDM

Configuring ActiveSync will let you sync the user’s ActiveSync account with the device, remotely. The mail, calendar, contacts and tasks will be synced with the device once it is configured.


  1. Domain: The domain name of the ActiveSync account
  2. Account Name: Name of the ActiveSync account.
  3. Server name: Server name of the ActiveSync account.
  4. Email Address: Email address for the account.
  5. Username: Account’s username.
  6. Password: Password of the Hexnode MDM portal
  7. Use SSL: Select this option, if the encrypted SSL connection should be enabled for sending mail to the Exchange server.
  8. Sync interval: Time interval for syncing data between devices.
  9. Sync timeframe: Set the length of time the messages are saved on a device.
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