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ActiveSync configuration for Windows devices with MDM

Exchange ActiveSync syncs emails, attachments, calendar, contacts etc. between the device and your email account server. Set up ActiveSync remotely and push it to the device over-the-air. To set up Exchange ActiveSync,

  1. Go to Policies.
  2. Create a new policy by clicking on New Policy or select an existing policy.
  3. From Windows Settings, select ActiveSync.

Make sure you are subscribed to Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate or Ultra plan.

Settings Description
Domain The domain name of the Exchange server.
Account name The name of the ActiveSync account.
Server name The name or IP address of the server.
Email address Specify the email address.
User name The username to get connected with the Exchange ActiveSync server.
Password The password associated with the ActiveSync username.
Use SSL Establish a safe, encrypted connection between the device and the ActiveSync server. Disabled by default.
Sync interval Select how many days’ worth of emails and calendar events are to be synced on the device. The available options are Auto (sync in real-time), manual, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Default value is ‘auto’.
Sync timeframe Emails and calendar events that are on the server for the past days to sync with the device. Available options are Forever, Three days, One week (default), Two weeks and One month.

Associate ActiveSync Configuration with Windows

To associate while you are inside the policy configuration screen,

  1. Access Policy Targets tab.
  2. Click + Add Devices, search and add all applicable devices.

To add a user group, device group or user instead, choose User Groups, Device Groups or Users from the left pane beneath Policy Targets.

To associate policies if you are taken out of the policy configuration screen,

  1. Check the policies.
  2. From Manage, select Associate Targets.
  3. Select the devices from the list.

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