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Add iOS 11+ Devices to DEP Using Apple Configurator 2.5

Previously, Apple allowed only the devices purchased directly from Apple to be enrolled in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). But with the new update (to Apple Configurator 2.5 and later) you can now add any apple devices running iOS 11 or later to DEP regardless of how or from where it is purchased.


  1. You will first need to register via Apple DEP / Apple Business Manager (ABM) / Apple School Manager (ASM).
    • You should have at least one device purchased directly from Apple / participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.
  2. While adding the device to DEP, it requires to be wipe and reset. So, ensure that you back up the device via iTunes / iCloud.
  3. You need to turn off Find my iPhone from the device to disable the activation lock.
  4. Ensure that the iOS device is running 11 or later and the Apple Configurator is v2.5 or later.

Set up a WiFi profile

Before we start, set up a WiFi profile.

  1. Open Configurator.
  2. From File → New Profile → WiFi, select configure.
  3. Configure WiFi profile and save.

Once you do this, let’s start adding the devices to DEP.

Add iOS 11 devices to DEP

  1. Hook up your iOS device to your Mac and open Apple Configurator 2.5.
  2. Create a blueprint by going to Blueprints → Edit Blueprints → New.
  3. Let’s prepare the device to be added to DEP. Select the device and then click on Prepare. There’s something to configure here.
  4. Prepare with: Let’s go with manual configuration.
  5. Check these options
    • Add to Device Enrollment Program,
    • Activate and complete enrollment, and
    • Allow devices to pair with other computers.
  6. Go to the next screen. Add a new MDM server or select it from the list if you’ve added it previously.
    • To add a new server, select New Server.
    • Name the server and enter the server URL in the Enrollment URL field. You can find the enrollment URL in your Hexnode MDM portal at Admin → Configurator Enrollment.
  7. Enter the information of your organization and then select Next.
  8. On the next page, enter credentials of the Apple Account that was used to enroll in DEP and Select Next.
  9. Select Generate a new supervision identity and click Next.
  10. From the Setup Assistant screen, Select the steps to be shown to the user and click Prepare.
  11. Upload the Wi-Fi profile.
  12. Enter User Credentials and the blueprint is prepared.

Applying blueprint

The blueprint prepared above can be pushed to the target devices by following the below steps:

Once connected, the device will appear on Apple Configurator. Highlight the device by clicking on it.

  1. Navigate to Blueprints and select the Blueprint.
  2. Select Apply.
  3. Click on Erase if prompted.

The blueprints will be pushed, and the device will be added to DEP.

Is your device added to DEP?

Let’s check it out.

  • Method 1: Sign in to Apple DEP / Apple Business Manager (ABM) / Apple School Manager (ASM). Added devices will be listed under Devices Added by Apple Configurator 2.add ios 11 devices to dep using apple configurator
  • Method 2: On your Hexnode MDM portal, navigate to Enroll > All Enrollments > No-Touch Apple Business / School Manager. You’ll find the devices under DEP Devices.add ios 11 devices to dep using apple configurator

30-day Provisional Period

DEP will not be permanent for the provisional period of 30 days from the day the device is added to Device Enrollment Program. That means, any device added to DEP using Apple Configurator can be removed from DEP within 30 days and the skipped setup steps can be brought back into action. Although the users can remove the device from DEP, this action will reset the device.


The ‘Remove Management’ option(Settings > General > Device Management > Remove Management) which appears when you try to uninstall MDM profile from a device will remain enabled on your device throughout the 30 day provisional period even if the ‘Allow MDM Removal’ option is disabled on the DEP Policy(Enroll > All Enrollments > No-Touch Apple Business / School Manager > DEP Policies).