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Troubleshoot issues with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Common Issues in Knox Mobile Enrollment

  1. While enrolling the device in Hexnode MDM using authenticated enrollment, the device raises an error “You are not authorized to enroll. Please contact your administrator.”


    Force quit the app and try enrolling again.

  2. While enrolling the device, an error message stating ‘Unable to enroll device. This device is not configured for Mobile Enrollment.’

    Possible Cause

    This could happen because the serial number or IMEI number is not registered with the device enrollment server.


    Consider re-enrolling the devices.

  3. The device raises an error message “Unable to enroll device. Try enrolling again. If the problem persists contact your IT administrator.”

    Possible Cause

    The enrollment failed because the device could not establish communication with the Samsung server.


    Wait for few hours and try re-enrolling again.

  4. The following error message occurs on enrollment “Unable to enroll device or the enrollment couldn’t be finished. You can retry by pressing the button. If the problem persists, please contact your IT admin.”

    Possible Cause

    The IMEI/Serial Number of the device is deleted from the Knox Configure server.


    Register the IMEI or Serial Number on the server once again and retry the enrollment process.

  5. The device begins with the Android setup procedure instead of launching Knox Mobile Enrollment. A common error in SMG050W devices running Android N.


    Updating the device to the latest available Android version helps to resolve the issue.

  6. The server returns the HTTP error code 403 with the error message “The operation failed due to invalid authentication credentials.”

    Possible Cause

    Enrollment failed due to invalid authentication credentials provided by the user during enrollment.


    Verify the credentials provided by the IT admin and try enrolling the device once again.

  7. ‘Your access to this service has been blocked.’ message is prompted on the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal while assigning the MDM profile to a device.

    Possible Cause

    The account user does not have permission to assign profiles to the devices in Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME).


    Under Administrators & Roles in Knox Mobile Enrollment, make sure the account has the following permissions assigned to it:

    Devices and Uploads:

    • Manage Devices
    • Assign Profile
    • Unassign Profile
    • Delete

    Device users:

    • Manage Device User
    • Add, edit, assign and unassign

    The Super Admin is the only user who is privileged to view or modify the permissions associated with a role. Other admins should otherwise have the permission explicitly given to them to view the user roles.
    Learn more about managing admins and roles.

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