MDM Remote Control

Be there for the employees without being there


Remote control - The real time support

The remote control and view feature from Hexnode gives the enterprise a foolproof method for providing support to the employees in real time.

Remote view

Remote control

The real time control over the user’s mobile device imparts a great deal of managing power to the admin. The remote control feature lets the admin to view and control the user’s device from the Hexnode MDM console. The admin gets full access to the device.

Remote control is supported by:

  • Samsung SAFE supported and rooted Android devices
  • Additional features

    The remote control feature will incorporate:

  • Two way chat
  • File sharing
  • Remote control

    Remote view

    Witnessing the situation is better than just hearing about it in mail or a call. The main use case of remote view feature is to provide support to the user regarding the device. Real time visibility into the user’s device from the MDM console will give the admin a clear picture on the issue and hence enables him to provide a fast resolution.

    Remote view is supported by:

  • All Android devices
  • iOS devices (iOS 11 and above)
  • Additional controls
    The remote view feature comes with an option for screen capturing which helps take screen shots during the session.

    Remote view
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