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Getting Started with Android Device Management

Android is an open source mobile operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Hexnode MDM supports and provides access to a wide range of features. Get to know more on how to get started with Android device management.

Enroll Android Devices

There are a number of methods to enroll Android devices in Hexnode MDM. Go through the link below to learn more about enrolling Android devices.

Android device enrollment…

Configure Restrictions

Setting up restrictions on your device lets the users choose the set of essential functionalities and block the less needed ones. Hexnode MDM puts forward a set of basic and advanced restrictions that help you control your device.

Basic Restrictions: Restricts device features and apps from being accessed by the user. It lists out the restrictions that are applicable for all Android devices or specific to Samsung Knox, LG GATE, Kyocera business devices, and Android in the Enterprise enabled devices.

Advanced Restrictions: These are the restrictions that are applicable only for Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise enabled devices.

Follow the link below to learn more about setting up device restrictions.

Setting up Android restrictions…

Separation of Work and Personal Data

The users can separate work apps and data from personal apps and data by enrolling their devices in Android Enterprise program so that business data can be managed while employees can keep their personal data private.

Configuring Android Enterprise…

Manage Apps

Manage, distribute and remove the apps on your Android device efficiently and choose the apps you wish to function on your device, thus preventing the less essential apps. Learn more about managing apps on your Android devices by tapping on the link below.

Initiate app management…

You can also install the apps silently without the user manually initiating installation. This is an advanced app management feature that is supported by the following devices:

  1. Samsung Knox
  2. LG GATE
  3. Kyocera business phones
  4. Rooted Android devices
  5. Android Enterprise enabled devices
  6. Devices with Hexnode MDM as system app…

Follow the link below to learn more about installing apps silently on your Android devices.

Silent app installation…

The users can also block certain apps from being active on the device and allow only essential apps to function on the device using the blacklist and whitelist features in Hexnode MDM. This feature prevents the users from installing and updating blacklisted apps on the device. On a device enrolled in Android Enterprise program, blacklisting an app would hide it from the device screen. Go through the link below to learn more about blacklisting or whitelisting apps on the device.

Block or allow apps…

The Android devices can also be locked in kiosk mode thus restricting the devices to a single application or a handful of applications, thus restricting the device to the chosen list of apps. Tap on the below link to learn more about kiosk mode and its settings.

Setting up kiosk mode…

Prevent MDM Removal

You can prevent the removal of MDM app, from the Hexnode MDM console by disabling the option Allow MDM Administration removal from Policies > Android Settings > Restrictions.

Restrict MDM app removal…

Network Security

Make sure your network is safe and secure by configuring the Wi-Fi, Email and ActiveSync settings thus protecting your network and preventing unauthorized access. Get to know more about securing your network by following the links below.

  1. Wi-Fi settings
  2. Email settings
  3. Exchange ActiveSync configurations…

Web Content Filtering

Block access to unwanted websites thus allowing only the essential ones. This feature lets you save network bandwidth. Go through the link below to learn more about web content filtering.

Block access to unwanted websites…

Content Management

Ensure utmost control over your corporate data by distributing them to the enrolled Android devices using the File Management feature of Hexnode MDM. Get to know more about sending content to the devices by tapping on the link below.

File management…

PDF / video files can be added to the devices locked in kiosk mode. You can either use the default Hexnode Document Reader/Hexnode Media Player to open these files or if you are using any other applications, ensure to add them as background apps in kiosk mode.

Remote View and Control

The Remote View and Control features enable the admin to remotely view and control the enrolled device directly from the Hexnode MDM console. These features allow you to monitor and control devices using a mouse and a keyboard. Learn more about the remote view and control feature of Hexnode MDM from the link below.

Remote View and Control…

Mobile Data Management

Track and manage mobile data usage on your Android devices with the data management feature in Hexnode MDM. This feature lets you limit the mobile data usage on your devices and notify the administrators about the same. Follow the link below to learn more about managing mobile data usage.

Data management…


Users can remotely change wallpaper on managed Android devices using Hexnode MDM. You can customize the way your device looks by setting up lock screen and home screen wallpaper.

Customizing wallpaper…


OEMConfig is a device management feature introduced for Android Enterprise Devices, where the OEMs and MDMs work together to provide the best management capabilities possible. OEMConfig apps use managed configurations to configure various device features provided by the OEM. Hexnode MDM allows you to configure these OEM-specific features from the portal. Read more…

Setup OEMConfig…