How to hide apps in Android Kiosk mode with MDM

Hexnode MDM integrates so many useful features in Android Kiosk mode. One such functionality is hiding apps in kiosk mode. This is useful when the enterprise requires a particular app to be installed in an Android device in Kiosk Mode, but don’t want the user to tamper with it. The admin can hide the particular app so that it won’t show up with the other Kiosk apps.

To hide an app in Android Kiosk mode

  1. Go to Policies → Android Settings → Kiosk Mode.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Select the apps to be added in Kiosk mode.
  4. To hide an app, click on the settings button (3 vertical dots) beside the required app.
  5. Select Hide Icon from the drop-down list.
  6. Select the devices from Policy Targets and click Save.

Now when the device opens up as Kiosk, this particular app icon will not be shown.

Note: The hidden app cannot be set as the auto launch app.

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