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What is web app kiosk mode?

Web applications (or web apps) helps you to directly access a URL by opening an application. Web apps are useful for navigating to URLs with numerous characters. You can add web apps in the kiosk mode. These apps redirect the end users to the specified URL, eliminating the need to type long URLs manually.

Web app kiosk mode allows users to access only the whitelisted URLs, thereby restricting their access to any other URL.

Hexnode MDM allows the user to customize the web app on the device by providing configurations to add icons and include wildcards while providing the URL. You can also configure the browser settings to open the web app on the devices.

Hexnode MDM supports web apps in kiosk mode for Android and iOS devices. Web apps can be added in both single app and multi-app kiosk modes in Android devices. In iOS devices, you can limit the device to a handful of websites by configuring web app kiosk mode.