MDM for Small Business

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Best MDM for small business

Best MDM for small business

Whether you are ready or not, mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones are finding their way into your company. If you are a small-to-medium sized enterprise, you might not have time to be working on a strategy for this, focused as you are on the growth of your company. To handle the move from desktop to mobile, you need a mobile device management that meets all your requirements.

Hexnode offer a comprehensive MDM solution for small businesses, giving you an overview of your entire mobile network, with control over devices, users, policies, apps and content -all from your admin console. You can integrate your on-premise systems with your cloud systems, meaning your employees have access to the office from wherever they are, boosting productivity while keeping your company secure.

Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

In the fast-paced world of SMEs, your IT department simply doesn't have time to manage everyone's mobile device. With integration with Apple's Mobile Device Management servers and cloud hosting, it is easy to roll out, with simple admin configuration settings and self-enrollment options making user's devices available on the network almost instantly, allowing you to manage and secure the device. It's an easy transition from our free trial to full rollout too.
Well Within the Budget of Small Business

Well Within the Budget

Hexnode offer scalable solutions that work - no matter what size your business. If you have one small office, a few scattered locales around the country, or if you are larger international enterprise, our MDM solution can be scaled up or down depending on your need. Our MDM for small business is budget friendly but feature rich - ideal for SMBs. There are no hidden costs, and we offer confusion-free pricing.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The admin console allows you total oversight over the mobile ecosystem with maximum simplicity and usability. You have complete control over the fleet of devices in your MDM network.

You don't need to worry about complicated downloads, hard-to-read user manuals or overly-technical login or deployment processes. The cloud-based dashboard is simple to use with a clean user interface, with no training required for administrators. It allows you to change device settings, secure phones, and update policies quickly and easily, helping free up time and resources for use elsewhere in your business. With an intuitive workflow, you'll soon see increased efficiency from your whole team, with your IT department freed up to work on more important tasks.

Scale beyond an SMB

Scale beyond an SMB

With mobile device management solution from Hexnode, the network of devices can increase as your company does. Starting out small and working up to incorporate up to a multinational company, Hexnode's MDM for small business, is highly scalable - able to grow up as needed. You only pay for what you use, with extra licenses added easily as soon as you need them.

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Manage your squad with attitude

Flexible Deployment Models

Flexible Deployment Models

Whether your network includes tens or hundreds of devices, you can use Hexnode's flexible deployment models to manage and secure the mobile devices used in your SME, monitoring and tracking usage, remotely deploying phones to custom groups to ensure that everyone has the right access to essential information and apps whenever, wherever.

You can also have the choice between cloud and on-premise - at the same price.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Hexnode MDM gives you control over BYOD devices, separating them from corporate-owned devices right from deployment. You can assign a BYOD policy to all devices in the network, see all BYOD phones on the network, add enterprise apps to BYOD devices, and more, boosting productivity, giving your employees the satisfaction and freedom that come with using their own devices for work - without compromising the security of your corporate documents or other sensitive information. BYOD means cost-savings for your business and less stress for your IT department with the Hexnode's MDM for small business.
Everything you need for SMB

Everything you need for SMB

Hexnode's MDM for small business gives you a complete solution to your mobile device strategy requirements, incorporating:

  • Multi OS Support
  • Mobile Security
  • Device Management
  • Email Management
  • Remote Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • App Distribution
  • Compliance Management
  • Location Tracking
  • Self Service
  • The dashboard simplifies the management process, allowing you to make changes, enroll devices, rollout apps and documents, secure lost or stolen phones, laptops and more - all from one central hub which can be accessed via the cloud.

    You can see all the devices in your network, enrolled users, ensure that devices are being used incompliance with your guidelines and regulations, who on the network is inactive and more.

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