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MDM for Small Business

The sector neutral management solution

Granular level management with Hexnode UEM Granular level management with Hexnode UEM

Granular level management with Hexnode UEM

By now, almost every business – big or small has started using mobile devices for work rather than sticking to desktops and cubicles. Managing mobile devices in small businesses is easier said than done. Due to the limited size, a dedicated IT team may not be available to monitor and manage every device. Hexnode UEM takes responsibility for the complete device management in the company.


Central console for all device platform

The business need not stick to a single device type like Apple, Android or Windows. Hexnode UEM manages all device types equally and from a single console. Configurations can be set up for different platforms separately and deployed as a single policy.

Advanced device enrollment

Along with the standard device enrollment methods such as email, SMS, CSV upload, Hexnode UEM supports vendor-specific enrollment techniques like Apple DEP, Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Zero-Touch Enrollment.

MDM solution for SMB

Productivity enhancing device configurations

Network configurations for the company such as email, Wi-Fi, VPN, access points can be set up and applied to the devices over-the-air. Websites and apps can be whitelisted or blacklisted to improve working conditions. Kiosk mode for app lockdown makes devices work specific.

Business data containerization

Personal and corporate data can be separated using the containerization techniques. Android Enterprise Recommended program enables containerization in Android devices and Managed Open In feature for the secure access of business data in iOS devices.

Mobility management in SMB

Directory integration for user migration

Active Directory support enables Hexnode UEM to import all the employee details to the portal. This eliminates the need to add the employee details into the portal manually. Hexnode also supports Azure AD integration.

Kiosk lockdown

Android, Apple and Windows devices can be locked down to a single app using the Kiosk mode in Hexnode UEM. Android and iOS devices support multi-app kiosk mode which enables locking down to a few numbers of apps and websites.


Enterprise app store for businesses

Hexnode allows you to create app catalogs and app groups so that apps can be deployed along with a policy. Android Enterprise Recommended enables companies to set up an exclusive play store with just the company approved apps for the employees to download and install.

Data and device security

Actions such as lock, wipe, enable lost mode, scan device location are some of the features that help secure device data. These actions may not help you retrieve a lost device, but the data can be saved from falling into the wrong hands.

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