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MDM for Airline Services

Secure and manage devices wherever they may be

The safe MDM for airline services The safe MDM for airline services

The safe MDM for airline services

Mobile Device Management, that is robust and safe, is an integral part of proper functioning of any airline service. Ensure fast and secure management of all devices from a single platform. With Hexnode, the airline has complete control over every aspect of the device for proper and dynamic management.

Kiosk MDM for airline services

Protect the content within the device

Cockpit manuals, crew training manuals and operation manuals have transformed from their physical documented state to digital copies stored in electronic devices. Hexnode enforces encryptions and passcode policies to ensure the integrity of the content stored in the device.

Establish complete device lock-down

Restrict devices to specific apps and functions with kiosk mode. Kiosk enabled devices can be utilized for check-ins, security demos, e-menus and much more. Apart from increasing user productivity and enhancing the focus on the intended purpose of the device, kiosks also improve the device performance by restricting undesirable functions and processes.

Scalable MDM for airline services

Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs)

EFBs have replaced many functions, that traditionally involved paper references, with digital devices. It is a priority to ensure immediate and seamless operation of these devices by both the pilot and crew members. With Hexnode, the degree of restrictions to be maintained on the device can be specified.

Heavily scalable options for enrollment

Devices can be enrolled in bulk with minimal to zero user involvement. No touch enrollment options like Android Zero-Touch Enrollment and Apple Device Enrollment Program make it possible to enroll devices even before the very first boot, with minimal time delay.

MDM application management

Remote troubleshooting

Provide remote and real-time support for problems faced by the user with remote view and remote-control capabilities. The admin can search and isolate issues without physically accessing the device. Once the issue has been identified, remote remediations can be employed.

Seamless application management

Devices used within an aircraft often include applications for weather and performance analysis. These applications can be managed in a corporate app store and can be made available for the user to download when required. Data hogging applications can also be identified and managed from the Hexnode portal.

Simple MDM for airline services

Simplified app and file distribution

Applications and files can be distributed, to multiple devices or device groups, with relative ease. Applications can also be silently installed, blacklisted or whitelisted with zero user intervention. Files of any format can be distributed to specified locations in the device.

Manage every device from a single platform

Manage all your Android, Apple and Windows devices from a single platform. All devices can be pre-configured with corporate Wi-Fi, email and VPNs even before the user turns it on for the first time. Network configurations of the device such as network connectivity, preferences and data usage limits can also be managed from the platform.