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Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) enables businesses and educational institutions to purchase apps in bulk and distribute them to users. Hexnode MDM, with Apple’s VPP integration, simplifies and streamlines this program so that administrators can send apps to connected devices and users have the tools they need without having to wait for a lengthy installation process.

Find, buy, distribute and manage app using Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) with Hexnode MDM

Purchase apps in bulk using Apple VPP

Purchase apps for thousands of employees at one time. Get instant access to the latest and greatest apps from a variety of sources. Also, take advantage of exciting, informative, and interactive books on unlimited subjects. Everything is delivered privately and securely to your network through the VPP program. Sources include:

  • Apple App Store
  • Apple iBooks Store
  • Custom B2B apps

Custom B2B Apps

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) lets you distribute custom B2B apps privately. With Custom B2B apps, you can meet the unique requirements of your business. You can have qualified app developers to design custom apps for your enterprise with your logo, branding and tailor-made features, and then securely distribute these apps across your enterprise with Apple VPP.

Purchasing custom B2B Apps

  • Initially, your organization needs a third-party developer to build the required app and register with the iOS Developer Program. Then the developer gets enrolled, and the application will be approved and priced. Then the developer needs to list your enterprise as an authorized purchaser.
  • Next, your organization’s email address linked to the company’s VPP account must be passed on to the developer. It is through this email address that the developer identifies your organization as an authorized purchaser.
  • Once you have been authorized, you can now login to the VPP portal and purchase the required custom B2B apps and distribute them to users via Hexnode MDM, just the way you would purchase and deploy regular VPP apps.

Streamline Orders

No need to wait for credit cards to clear or corporate accounts to take action. You can buy VPP Credit for fixed amounts through an Apple purchasing account or an Apple Authorized Reseller. The apps and books you select for purchase are delivered electronically to account admins. These apps can then be delivered to enrolled devices at any time. With Apple VPP and Hexnode MDM, connected devices always have the apps users need.

Managed Distribution

Initially, Apple allowed content distribution through redemption codes to be sent to individual employees for each app or book installed on their devices. This essentially tied the app to the user, and a new code had to be bought and issued for the next user. Also, a user confirmation code requirement risked the chances of a user rejecting a required app. This new feature now allows for Managed Distribution, a truly simplified solution for getting users the apps they need, when they need them.

Features include:

  • Assign apps directly to devices
  • No Apple Customer ID requirements
  • Revoke and assign apps to other devices
  • Silent app installation

Enhanced Security

Apple Volume Purchase Program with Hexnode has enhanced security measures. Previously, apps purchased through the VPP program came with redeemable codes. When users activated these codes, they became the owners of those app licenses. Through new security measures with Managed Distribution and VPP, the enterprise now retains ownership of the apps. This grants the ability to revoke the app from devices and reassign them to others. This higher level of security ensures that apps and the data they use remain protected.

Save Money

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program isn’t just about streamlining purchases and maintaining control of them; VPP for Education saves money. Institutions at all levels of education that qualify for the program receive a 50% discount on purchases of 20 or more apps that they make through the VPP store. Qualifying educational institutions that need to purchase 10 or more licenses are best served by enrolling in Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education. Apple does recognize the tax status of educational institutions, so see Apple’s VPP for Education page to see if your institution qualifies.

Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator accounts can be created to further enhance the Apple Volume Purchase Program streamlining process. Program facilitators are authorized by your institution to make all the necessary app purchases. You designate several people within your institution to make purchases as needed instead of relying on a single administrator account.

Ensure User Privacy

With Managed Distribution and VPP, apps are assigned to individual Apple IDs, not to devices. Apple IDs are not revealed to the organization or MDM servers. With Hexnode MDM, you can enroll users by email invitations. From this email, they can anonymously link their individual Apple ID with your institution’s VPP account. The user remains anonymous while the app is in use. When the user leaves, you can securely remove the app from the user’s device and reclaim the app license so that it can be used again.