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CalDav Settings for iOS

Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) can sync calendar events and notifications from various email accounts.


CalDAV settings are available on all plans except Express.

To configure CalDAV from Hexnode MDM,

  1. Access Policies.
  2. Continue with an existing policy, or add a new one by clicking on the New Policy button.
  3. From iOS SettingsCalendar, select CalDAV.

The available options are

  • Account description: A description to identify between various CalDAV accounts on the device.
  • Account hostname: Provide in this field, the domain name or IP address of the server.
  • Port: The port number of the server.
  • Principal URL: The URL to access the user’s calendar. All iCloud calendar for the same user will have the same principal URL.
  • Account username: Use %username% or %email% to fetch data dynamically from the Active Directory.
  • Account password: Type here the password associated with the CalDAV username.
  • Use SSL: Use SSL for establishing an encrypted communication between the device and the CalDAV server.

How to Associate CalDAV Settings with the Devices/Groups?

If you haven’t saved the policy yet, to associate the policy with the device,

  1. Head on to Policy Targets tab.
  2. Click on + Add Devices and select the devices.

Not only devices, you can associate any policies with the device groups, users or user groups from the left pane under Policy Targets.
There’s another method for the policies to get associated with the device.

  1. From Policies, check the policies to get associated to a device.
  2. Select Associate Targets from Manage.
  3. Select the devices.

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